Made in Nigeria Cars Pictures & Prices

The cost of made in Nigeria cars and where to buy these vehicles is what this article would seek to explain. The objective of this article is to also canvass support for made in Nigeria products so as to strengthen Nigeria’s economy.

Recently, the campaign of using made-in-Nigeria cars have been going on for some time since the regime of Former president Goodluck Jonathan. This according to him, will help strengthen the automotive sector and would help salvage the Nigerian economy.

Although, the cost of made-in-Nigeria cars might be a bit high owing to the tussle between the Naira and the dollar, one cannot but appreciate that these cars have been recognized internationally. It will also shock you to know that the raw materials used in manufacturing these home made vehicles at least 60% where sourced in Nigeria while the imported parts make up at least 40%.

The question you might want to ask are: Are made in Nigeria cars durable?, Is it worth my money? How cheap are made in Nigeria vehicles? Records show that a greater portion of the components of these vehicles were gotten locally, hence the prices of made in Nigeria cars will be cheap compared to other foreign brands that have made name overtime. The overall production of the cars is done to the world’s highest automotive operating benchmarks.

The quality and durability of these vehicles are second to none and they are brand new cars available at low prices which according to Ben Murray Bruce will put Nigeria among the top car manufacturing countries in the world.

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List of Manufacturers/Producers of made in Nigeria Cars

Leading companies producing made-in Nigeria cars are:

1. The Stallion Group.
2. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company and
3. Peugeot Automobile Nigeria

These three automobile companies in Nigeria have started rolling out made-in-Nigeria cars, but it was Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company that became the first indigenous car manufacturing company in Nigeria. The company unveiled, what it called, the first truly made-In-Nigeria car in 2014 to the public and those interested in buying the cars can get them from any of the companies’ branches, showrooms and dealers nationwide.

Name of cars made in Nigeria

1. IVM 6490 A

IVM 6490 AThe IVM 6490 A is a 5 to 7 seater SUV that packs state-of-art facilities and design. At a first glance you’d wondering if this SUV was actually produced by Nigerians in Nigeria, and it just shows how much Nigeria has evolved in the field of science and technology. The price range is from N1.4million to N3.5million

2. Kia Rio, Optima


KIA motors Nigeria are also a top car manufacturing company in Nigeria. The KIA Rio Optima and Kia Rio Cerato were unveiled also in October 2014 and its specs are all encompassing. It has solar control glass, bluetooth wireless technology, airbags and many more. Its price range is  from N1.98million to N2.1million

3. Hyundai Grand i10


The Hyundai Grand i10 was manufactured by Stallion motors. This elegantly designed car comes in two variants with a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual transmission powered by Dual VTVT and 1.25 Kappa engine respectively. Its price range is from N1.5million to N1.9million

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4. Peugeot 301


The Peugeot 301 is a small Sedan that optimizes the essentials of a family car – Space, Safety and Storage. Some of its features and specifications includes: 50ltrs fuel tank, dual front air bags, four cylinders e.t.c. The price range for this Nigerian car is from N3million to N 3.5million

5. Nissan Almera


Nissan benefited heavily from the federal government automotive policies. The Nissan Almera was also a car made in Nigeria and was launched into the Nigerian market by April 2015 and features an ultra modern design with some of the features which includes: Dual SRS Airbags, four speed automatic transmission, Blue-tooth dial up connectivity among others. The price range for the Nissan-Almeria is from N2million to N3.5million


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