List of Professional Courses In Nigeria (Approved & Accredited)

Taking your academic standards to the next level is enhanced through professional courses and certificates. Truth be told, those who pursue professional courses in Nigeria tend to have better chances of getting lucrative jobs.

Many employers tend to overlook your first degree or Higher National Diploma, but will consider your professional certificate ahead of your other certificates. They believe that those with professional certificates are experts in their fields and have more exposure as opposed to those with no professional certificate.

This information will enlighten you about the various professional bodies in Nigeria that offer these professional courses that can take you to the next level in academic fulfillment and career this 2019.

Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

You can become a professional accountant by liaising with ICAN. Many employers prefer to employ a chartered accountant with ICAN certificate than employ someone with ordinary B Sc. in Accounting/Accountancy.

ICAN, which stands for Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria presently operate solely in Nigeria Nigeria, but they have the vision to spread their tentacles outside Nigeria with the aim of becoming leaders on global scale. Their Motto is Accuracy and Integrity.

They are focused on producing world-class Chartered Accountants and to regulate ethical standards and technical competence in the accounting industry. their website is .

Chartered institute of taxation of Nigeria

Established on February 4, 1982, it was formerly known as Association of Tax Administrator and Practitioners. They intend to build an institution that can promote the advancement of taxation in Nigeria. They offer MPTP certificate which surely enhances the professional credibility of their graduates.


Their interest lies in raising, maintaining and regulating taxation standard. They are concerned with promoting professional efficiency and ethics in the tax practice and administration in Nigeria. Their website is .

Chartered institute of bankers in Nigeria

Obviously a professional body for bankers. Many banks would prefer to employ those with certificates offered by this body compared to those who have BSc. in Accounting/Accountancy. This is because these professionals are considered to have better training and better understanding of the banking system.

Their website is at .

Nigeria institute of Estate Surveyors And Valuers

If you really want to be recognised as an authority in estate surveying, it is advisable to go enrol with this professional body and pick up their certificate to boost your competence and make your CV look impressive from the word “go”.

Are you already employed in an estate Surveyor and Valuers company? No need to worry, even with your B.Sc you will not have problem being promoted as long as you enrol for the course and then submit your professional certificate once you have completed the course.

With this certificate, it will not take you long to rise on the professional ladder. Their website is at .

Association of General And Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria

Basic medical degree is never enough to make you great in the medical field; you need to grab this professional course as it will set you apart from your equals and take you on the journey to professional recognition.

This certificate guarantees better pay and steady rise in level in the medical field, except if you decide to go into private practice. Their website is .

Association of National Accountants of Nigeria

This may not be the only accounting professional course around, but this one too is highly recognised and adds value to the accounting graduate seeking better things. Their website is .

Business Education Exams Council

Is there a need for you to venture into business and you need to be properly grounded so as to succeed in your business choice? Look no further, Business Education Exams Council is here. This course will open your eyes to certain secrets that can help take your business to the next level and make you an astute and productive business person towards making your business profitable.

Their website is .

Center for Law and Development

This centre provides the required training for legal practitioners who are determined to move to the next level in their career. Many law firms and government establishments give more preference to those who have this certificate as opposed to those who do not have the certificate.

If you desire steady promotion in your legal profession, then it is in your best interest to go for this course. Their website is .

Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria

Every pension manager has a great deal of benefit from this professional course. You should know that your pension management business may not be registered by the CAC if you do not present certificate of qualification from this organization.

If you are employed in such an organization, you need to obtain this certificate. To be employed in a pension management organization, this certificate will set you apart and make the job yours. Their website is .

Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria

If you are interested in any form of marketing, this professional course will give you an edge. Whether you are interested in setting up your own marketing firm or you want to get employed in a marketing organization, this certificate will guarantee your safe passage to the next level.


It will enable you organize your personal marketing business in a professional manner for better profit making and will also help you get job faster if you need marketing employment. Your promotion is equally certain with this certificate. Their website is at .


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  1. Dani Ilori

    Which council accredites Phlebotomy certificate course in Nigeria

  2. benard

    pls Hw can I apply in one of ur professional course,pls dis is my numnber

  3. solomon

    please is there any proffesional course for science students

    1. there are many professional courses for science students. Courses like medicine, pharmacology, e.t.c fall on this category

  4. Joyce temi

    Pls I need the list of all professional courses for social science shudent

  5. Ese

    Please is there any professional courses for university dropout and how can i apply??

    1. I don’t think so


    please which of the professional courses will you advice for a graduate in statistics

  7. chiney

    I studied biology education what professional course do you suggest i take. Let ME add that I like administration.

    1. You can take any professional course of your choice as long as you are willing to learn it or have passion for it and fit into its requirements

  8. Tope

    Pls I need a well registered course for sports graduate

  9. Tope

    I mean professional courses under sport sciences

  10. esther

    please is chartered institute of personnel management an accredited professional body

  11. Abdullahi Shehu

    I studied Applied Chemistry and determine to venture into lecturing, please what professional course will you recommend for me?.


    As a graduate of urban and regional planning what can i do next?

  13. Lord


  14. Mayowa Anthony

    Need more information on professional certification programmes in Nigeria, Eligibility requirements and application process information? Kindly visit

    1. segun

      How do we know the accredited professional body? We have over 200 professional bodies in Nigeria.

      Do foreign institute need to be legislated in Nigeria to be recognized.

      Is ACCA,PMI(PMP) legislated in Nigeria and why are they recognized?

  15. Oladele Oluwatoyin

    I studied linguistics, which professional course can I do?

  16. adeuyi ayodele olawale

    NISLT need to be included in this list

  17. tadese

    Please, is universities outside Nigeria like coutonou not recognised by Ican

  18. Asuquo

    Do you think NEBOSH or HSE professional certification is a good idea for a basis medical science student of physiology?

    1. No i don’t think so. Its just an added advantage

  19. Afolashade florence

    Pls is there professional course in entrepreneur

    1. No there is none for now

  20. Ethel

    please which professional course is suitable for a Sociologist? Tnx

    1. Anyone as long as you meet the requirements and have interest in it

  21. Famujimi Oluwaseun Joshua

    Good morning. please is there any professional courses for someone who studied CHILDHOOD EDUCATION? Or any professional courses under education.

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t think so. I haven’t heard of any

  22. Chy princess

    Good evening, please How relevant is a NIM certificate.

  23. Akeem olalekan

    Can the chartered institute of management accountant of nigeria certificate be used for promotion and conversion in Nigeria polytechnic.

  24. barakah

    what professional course can i go for as a graduate of linguistics?

  25. onyi

    is urban and regional planning a professional course?

  26. Eze Adaeze Cynthia

    Am a fresh Applied Chemistry graduate,what professional course would you advice

  27. Kenny

    Hi, I’m Kenny. I have a diploma in animal science and later proceeded to acquire a professional certification from the chartered institute of personnel management(CIPM).
    There’s an ongoing promotion exercise going on in my organization and some people are thinking I don’t have the minimum requirements for promotion which is first degree/HND or its equivalent. Is this true? I need a response from you.

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