List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerians 2019 (updated)

Do you know that there are certain countries that you could travel to without Visa as a Nigerian citizen. These countries are regarded as visa free countries for Nigerians and are mostly based in Africa.

Although, the visa requirements for Nigerian citizens of these countries varies, some countries listed below would grant you visa upon arrival for a small fee. Either ways, it would be required that you possess a valid Nigerian international passport to have access into these countries.

Please do note that after the specified period of your stay in such country elapse, you might be required to apply for visa to extend your stay.

Below is the latest list of visa free countries for Nigerians with their visa requirements:

List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerians 2019 (updated)

  1. Barbados

To have a hassle free trip to Barbados, you won’t need a visa but an e-passport, evidence that you have sufficient funds in your account and also a return ticket. The time limit to stay there is 6 months.

  1. Benin

Time limit to stay in the republic of Benin is 3 months then you are expected to produce a visa.

  1. Burkina Faso

This is another place you can visit without a visa. You are free to stay here as long as you wish.



  1. Cameroon

Cameroon is another visa free country. You can stay in the country for as long as 90 days after which you’ll be expected to have applied for a visa.

  1. Cape Verde

You don’t need a visa to stay in Cape Verde as long as you can prove to the official that you won’t be staying beyond you r alloted time. This is done by presenting a return ticket indicating your exit date.

  1. Chad

You can stay in Chad for as long as 3 months without a visa. You will need to provide a return ticket to indicating that you won’t be staying permanently.

  1. Cote D’Ivoire

If you’d like to learn a littleFrench just by travelling to a French speaking country for a few months without a visa then Cote D’Ivoire it is.

  1. Dominica

This is one of the non-African countries where you don’t need a visa. But you’ll need to provide a return ticket to show that you won’t be staying in the country for good.

  1. Fiji

Fiji is another top destination for travellers that don’t want to go through the rigours of applying for a visa. However, you have a maximum duration of 4 months before you would be asked to produce a visa.

  • Gambia

Gambia is another free country if you have a Nigerian passport. But as expected you’ll need to produce a return ticket.

  • Ghana

One of the most interesting West African country without having to apply for a visa is Ghana. However, you’ll need to produce a return ticket and passport which you will present prior to entry into the country.

  • Guinea

You don’t need a visa to visit Guinea but you need to show that you’ll be returning to your country after your trip with a return ticket.

  • Guinea-Bissau

Guinea Bissau is another country that you can visit without having to apply for a visa but as expected you’ll need to show your return ticket indicating you’ll be returning and sufficient proof of funds showing that you can foot your bill in the course of your trip.

  • Haiti

You can stay up to 90 days in Haiti and as expected you should be able to prove that you’ll be returning at the end of your trip.

  • Mali

Mali is another visa-free country. You just need to show that you’ll be staying for the stipulated visa free period and returning to your homeland.

  • Mauritius

You just have to present your passport at the point of entry. But you’ll need to produce at least $100 as a proof of sufficient fonds.

  • Liberia

Liberia is another place you don’t need a visa to visa. You just need to present your return ticket to indicate you’re in the country for only some time.

  • Niger

Niger is another visa free country. interestingly, the country shares boundaries with Nigeria.

  • Senegal

You are not required to apply for visa to Senegal as long as you won’t be staying more than 90 days.

  • Sierra Leone

You don’t require a visa to visit Sierra Leone. You just have to book your return ticket and you’re good to go.

  • Togo

Togo is another visa-free country in Africa for Nigerians.

  • Vanuata

The little known Vanuata is another country you can explore without having to apply for a visa permit.

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh is another visa-free country with 30 days permit to stay in the country. However, you’d need to provide $500 as a proof of sufficient funds and return tickets.

  • Burundi

You’re allowed to stay for 30 days in Burundi without a visa.

  • Comoros

Comoros is not exactly a visa free but you can still travel without a visa. You’ll get your visa on arrival for $50.

Other countries that allow you to travel but issue a visa on arrival include:

  1. Djibouti
  2. Iran
  3. Kenya
  4. Maldives
  5. Mozambique
  6. Nauru
  7. Palau
  8. Samoa
  9. Seychelles
  10. Tanzania
  11. Tuvalu
  12. Tanzania
  13. Uganda
  14. Timor Leste
  15. Madagascar
  16. Uganda
  17. Georgia
  18. Sri Lanka

Also, these countries require return tickets as well as proof of sufficient funds before you can be granted the visa on arrival.

  1. Somalia

Somalia is another visa free country and you can stay in the country for up to 30 days without a visa.


While we try to update this information, please we aware that visa policies of these countries may change at any given time for various reasons.

In case any country isn’t in any of these visa free countries for Nigerians or has been removed, do kindly inform us using the comment section below.

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