List of Nigerian Looters: 10 Biggest in History

Looting of money in Nigeria isn’t anything new. Corruption in Nigeria didn’t just start today as there are people in the history of Nigeria that have looted millions and billions of dollars from Nigeria’s treasury.


This set of people are today celebrated as hero’s instead of being probed or put behind bars. Some of them were even put on the list of richest politicians in Nigeria as released by the FBI.

These Nigerian looters have gone down in history as the most corrupt politicians in Nigeria as the monies they looted if channelled into the right places, Nigerians today won’t be talking of recession.

In this post, we lost the top 10 biggest looters ever known in the history of Nigeria

1. General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

First on the list of biggest looters in the history of Nigeria is General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. He was once a military president of Nigeria  from 27 August 1985. It was he overthrew Major General Muhammadu Buhari from office in a bloodless coup. He also annulled the popular June 12 election that saw the late M.K.O Abiola win. During his regime, human rights was severely abused.

2. Gen Abdusalami Abubakar

Although, he transferred power back to Olusegun Obasanjo on 29, May 1999, he too looted a lot of money from Nigeria’s treasury. It was said that he looted 1.31bn pounds, 2.33bn Swiss franc and 800M USD. After General Sani Abacha died, he took over and it was during Abubakar’s regime that Nigeria adopted the 1999 constitution.


3. Rear Admiral Mike Akhigbe

He was one time Vice Admiral of the Nigerian Navy and vice to General Abdusalami Abubakar, former head of state in Nigeria. He looted 1.24bn pounds, 2.42bn, swiss franc, and 671M USD, 1bn Deutschmark.

4. Gen. Jerry Useni

Fourth on our list of people who squandered Nigeria’s money is General Jerry Useni. He was a Lt. General in the Nigerian Army and was once the appointed minister responsible for the administration of the Federal Capital Territory under Sani Abacha military regime. He served in other political positions. He looted 3.04bn Pounds, 2.01bn Swiss franc, 1.01bn USD, and 900M Deutschmark.

5. Alh Ismaila Gwarzo

Under Abacha’s military rule, Ismaila was the National Security Adviser. He was a senior police officer until his retirement. He looted 1.03bn pounds, 2.00bn swiss franc, 1.3bn USD, and 700M Deutschmark.

6. Alh Umaru Dikko

Umaru Diko was hunted by Buhari for looting 4.5bn pounds, 1.4bn swiss franc, 700M USD, and 345M Deutschmark. He was an adviser to President Shehu Shagari and the Nigerian minister for Transportation from 1979 to 1983.

7. Paul Ogwuma

He served as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria under two administrations. He looted 300M pounds, 1.42bn swiss franc, 200M USD and 500M Deutschmark. He is also among the top 10 Nigerian looters in history.

8. Gen Sani Abacha

In Nigeria’s history, he was termed a dictator who never valued human rights. The money he looted while in power was difficult to put together as more facts of the money Abacha’s stole still emerges today. It was did that he looted 9.01bn pounds, 4.09bn swiss franc, 800M USD, and 3.01M Deutschmark. He was the de facto Military head of state of Nigeria and reigned from 1993 to 1998 after he overthrew IBB.

9. Mohammed Abacha

Just like his father, he too was involved in looting funds from Nigeria treasury during his father’s regime. He is the eldest surviving son of the late Dani Abacha’s. He looted 300M pounds, 1.2bn swiss franc, 150M USD, and 535M Deutschmark.

10. Alhaji Wada Nas

Finally on our list of looters in the history of Nigeria is Wada Nas. It was said that looted 600M pounds, 1.32bn swiss franc, and 300M USD.

It should be pertinent to note that these men took advantage of their positions in office to divert public money to their private purses. Some of these looters still decide how things are run in Nigeria as they have influence over things in Nigeria

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  1. obaino

    This is not impartially correct where is Obasanjo, Tinubu, Amaechi, Ibori, etc.

  2. The list of Nigeria’s top Treasury looters varies according to whose list you’re reading. For example, the list compiled by The World Bank is slightly different to that of CNN. I particularly like the list by because it showed the ugly faces of the looters.

    Some of these b…..ds are still walking the earth and flaunting stolen wealth as if it’s something to be proud of. For Nigeria to be a changed nation, this lot should be hanged, drawn and quartered, period.

    The question we all need to put to these shameless looters is,
    “What have you done with all our stolen billions, you heartless monsters”?

    Whilst most of the country is wallowing in extreme poverty, you have stolen money that you can never spend, thereby depriving your fellow Nigerians a decent life, and deposited the money in Western countries!!

    This is pure avarice.

    Oh, you shameless looters, for every soul that is killed on Nigeria’s horrible roads, you’re cursed. For every baby that is born and doesn’t live in Nigeria’s broken healthcare system, you are cursed.

    For every patient who dies of minor ailment that would have been cured in most other countries, you’re cursed.

    For every pensioner, who cannot claim their pension because the country is broke, you’re cursed!

    For every civil servant, teacher and other government worker whose salary is not paid because their state government is broke, you’re cursed!

    These curses are not just reserved for the top ten looters but for every one of you hopeless public servants who have pillaged Nigeria’s wealth for your selfish, personal gain.

    Whilst other countries have used their natural resources to build unimaginable wealth, Nigeria’s ruling elite have taken our country’s unimaginable wealth and turned it into dust.

    You’re cursed!

    Whilst other OPEC countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait have used their oil wealth to build more wealth and turned their countries into centres of excellence, Nigeria’s cursed leaders have taken our formidable oil wealth and turned it into personal fake wealth.

    That’s why we have no good roads in Nigeria. That’s why nothing works in Nigeria. That’s why the least qualified hold the most important posts in the country, even though we all know there’s not much grey matter between their ears to visualise, build or maintain anything.

    The money you have stolen shall never make you happy. You will buy houses that you will never sleep in, cars you will never ride in.

    Ask James Ibori…

    The money you stole will remain in foreign bank accounts; you will never spend it; it shall be taken back from you.

    It shall be a thorn in your side; a constant source of hardship and unhappiness for you and your family in all your generations.

    1. Mc Bioseh


  3. Aliyu umar Dembo

    Please how will we justify this report?

    1. The list is a world bank report and it is current

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