Full List of Dams/Reservoirs in Nigeria 2019

This post contains information about the major as well as minor dams in Nigeria. We will be looking at the three major dams in Nigeria that are functional and which are for the purposes of generating hydroelectric power and then, we will try to list out other dams in Nigeria which are reservoirs. Majority of the dams in Nigeria are located in northern Nigeria for both hydroelectric power supply and irrigation purposes.


A dam from the brief overview is a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its levels, forming a reservoir, used to generate electricity or as water supply. A dam may be natural but most are man-made and in Nigeria, we have some very useful man-made dams around. There are also three functional dams in Nigeria. It has also been stated that while some dams generate hydroelectric power, others serve as reservoirs to store up water that can serve a particular geographical location.

List of All Dams/Reservoirs in Nigeria

1. Kainji Dam (Niger State) 

Kainji dam is arguably the most important dam in Nigeria and it is situated in Niger state, Nigeria. The dam sits across the River Niger and it was built between 1964 and 1968 at the cost of $209 million, a figure which is equivalent to $2.8 billion as at 2015. In 2017, that figure should have risen significantly.


Kainji dam is responsible for the build up of the Kainji lake, a water reservoir. Kainji Dam was built mainly to generate hydroelectricity and it helps to power virtually all major cities in Nigeria.

2. Jebba Dam (Niger State)

Jebba dam is another very important dam in Nigeria and it is situated in Jebba town, a town which cuts across Kwara state and Niger State respectively. The Jebba dam is a hydroelectric dam and it contributes significantly to the Nigerian National grid. Jebba dam operates by using the great power of the River Niger to generate copious amounts of electricity for Nigeria.


3. Shiroro Dam (Niger State) 

Shiroro dam rests on the Kaduna River in Niger state. It began operations in 1990 and it contributes significantly to the power supply in Nigeria.

Other Dams/Reservoirs in Nigeria include:

4. Asejire Reservoir (Oyo State) 

5. Bakolori Dam (Sokoto State)

6. Challawa Gorge Dam (Kano State)

7. Dadin Kowa Dam (Gombe State) 

8. Goronyo Dam (Sokoto State) 

9. Gusau Dam (Zamfara State) 

10. Ikere Gorge Dam (Oyo State) 

11. Jibiya Dam (Katsina State) 

12. Kafin Zaki Proposed Dam (Bauchi State) 

13. Kiri Dam (Adamawa State) 

14. Mambilla Dam (Taraba State) 

15. Obudu Dam (Cross River State) 

16. Oyan River Dam (Ogun State) 

17. Tiga Dam (Kano State) 

18. Zauro Polder Project (Kebbi State) 

19. Zobe Dam (Katsina State) 

The above are the complete list of dams we have in Nigeria


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