Why Lionel Messi is considered better than Cristiano Ronaldo by most footballers

The debate never ends as to who is the best among Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? But football legends and pundits seem to favour Messi over Ronaldo and here are the reasons.


In the modern game of football, these two prolific players have dominated the game for the past 12 years, winning accolades and smashing records set by their predecessors.

Take for example, C Ronaldo who just recently won the FIFA football player of the year 2018 and even the Ballon D’Or. Lionel Messi on the other hand has been in scintillating form for both club and country.

The rivalry that exists between these two is noticeable as both push themselves hard in other to surpass the other and the most intersting part is that while Lionel Messi plies his trade with Football Club Barcelona, Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid. These two clubs are eternal rivals.

When these two clubs lock horns, it is referred to as the “El Classico”. In overall stats, Messi has proved more decisive when it comes to tthe El Classico as he is the record holder of most goals scored.

Ronaldo in terms of riches is the richest athlete in the world 2018 because of his businesses, deals and endorsement while Messi is the world’s most valuable player. Its no surprise while pundits and football legends pick Messi over Ronaldo.


Lionel Messi: Barca’s highest paid player

According to Raul, a former Real Madrid legend, he says and I quote “It is practical impossible to run past defenders with so much ease with the ball at your feet but Lionel Messi does that as if it is natural and easy”.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic who currently plays for Man United was quoted saying ” For me, Messi is talent while Ronaldo is a product of much training. He has only his left foot and he has conquered the world, imagine if he has both feet”.

Others legends like Ronaldo Delimma who is regarded by many to be the best striker ever has this to say “Ronaldo is good because he is more complete, more direct than Lionel Messi but Messi is raw talent and can do extraordinary things no one does on the pitch”.

Pundits of the game say that Ronaldo is more of the individual than the team while Messi is more of the team than seeking individual glory. When asked as to who is better, Ronaldo claimed that he was the best football player in history no matter what anyone thinks.

Below is what a football analyst on Quora.com said concerning the argument.

“What people get so wrong about Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is thier achievements, stats, records, individual accolades or collective ones are just means of comparison, nothing else.

cristiano ronaldo religion

A player wins the world cup with a team fully capable of winning without him- BOOM- he is the greatest of all time. This is unfair because such means don’t fully convey the genius of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Watch a random classico with messi and ronaldo, you see next to nothing..just goals and great plays…watch more closely, you see their dribbles, their skills on the ball…watch even more closely, you see their movement with and without the ball.

You see messi being oblivious to game, waiting in the shadows to create space and make a chance out of absolute nothing.

You see Ronaldo analysing movement of defenders to score goals. And they do that consistently, for over decades. THIS IS MIND BLOWING.

I enjoy watching ronaldo of man u and watching messi is equally pleasurable. Both of them have different attributes. Using simple mechnics to create phenomenons, to use simple rules and destroy the opposition, to become the best yet still be that same kid who just fell in love with football. Sophisticated yet Beautiful Simplicity. That DEFINES their game.

Now each of them is molded by different circumstances. Ronaldo’s RM is ultra attacking while Messi’s Barcelona plays a much more possession based football.

Ronaldo loves publicity(who wouldn’t at such level of game) but is often overwhelmed by pressures of it. Messi is a mute in that aspect and we can never find what he genuinely thinks or his view of himself.

Yet, despite all of this, we feel an urge to call one a god and other a great, a desire to compare——all of this nonsense is inflated by pundits who use these questions to attract more viewers, most of them who have little understanding of the game to understand that the pundits are just bantering…you see no discussion of tactics..just regular old gossip and old guys makin jokes and laughin.

Not all of them are such-prominent examples are Sid Lowe and Ray Hudson- who utterly enjoy the game, but we are heavily influenced by the ones who are really not interested in the game itself.

This is bad, really bad. I think about it now and I have wasted 4–5 yrs on ESPN post game shows and press conferences. This is not what Messi and Ronaldo want. This is not whe should be doing.

ANd regarding that greatness debate, Fergie said “Great players can play in any generation!”

Don’t let debates destroy the beautiful game. Watch it breathe it, and watch it again.

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