Lagos State Internal Revenue Service: All You Need Know

This post contains information on the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service functions, official website, head office and contact details in Lagos state.

lagos-state-internal-revenue-serviceAll Lagos state taxes are collected by the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS). This is the body responsible for collecting revenue on behalf of the the Lagos State Government. As long as you have a company established in Lagos, you are expected to pay your tax to the state government. It is with this flexible tax collection system and self-sustaining revenue scheme that makes Lagos state generate her own revenue and be less dependent on the Federal Government who disburses allocations to each state in Nigeria.

The current chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service is Mr. Ayodele Subair who recently got appointed by the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwumi Ambode (LIRS).  The LIRS has so many flexible tax systems for Lagosians that makes tax collection in Lagos easy.  The Self-Assessment Filing System was an initiative of the LIRS that makes it easy for individuals to pay tax easily.

Although there are various tax station offices in Lagos which can be found here. The old manual way of paying taxes in Lagos was replaced with the new Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC) method which is more efficient, flexible and a faster way of issuing tax clearance certificates (TCC) to Lagosians. Problems associated with tax payment in Lagos like not being able to identify tax payers, fraud, Tax evasion has been put in check by the new e-TCC, so boy-cotters would find it hard this period

What is E-TCC?

A typical e-TCC is a hybrid card system comprising a smart chip on the front and a magnetic strip at the back. It carries a picture of the taxpayer, the logo of the State, the Coat of Arms and a web-enabled electronic customized Application Programming Interface (API).

The procedure for getting the e-TCC

It normally takes about seven days for the LIRS headquarters to process your e-TCC. To get your e-TCC online, do the following

  • Visit and register.
  • Fill the form provided and print the form out.
  • Attach two passport photographs on the form and submit to the nearest revenue office.
  • Wait for 7 working days to collect your e-TCC.

Procedures for making LIRS payment

To make tax payment to the LIRS, there are some designated banks that you can pay your tax to. The list of the banks are all

  • Go to any of the designated bank and fill in the customized deposit slip.
  • The bank’s official will capture your payment details on E-Pay Application.
  • The Bank’s official synchronizes the transaction and prints the Automated Revenue Receipt which you will collect as proof of payment before you leave the bank.

Where to lodge Complaints concerning your tax payment in Lagos state

If you have any complaint on your tax budget or on tax over-assessment, you can lodge a complaint by logging in to

Email of LIRS:

For more inquiries, call: 0708-011-2233 or 0708-044-5566\

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The Official website Lagos State Internal Revenue Service is Detailed information on the various tax rate and how to pay and calculate your taxes are all within the Lagos state tax website while the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service head office is located at:

The Good Shepherd House, Block H, Plot H1,
Central Business District,
Opposite Lagos Secretariat
Lagos 00001




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    There some Ghanaians living at 41 ajibose street,off famuyiwa street by sebiotimo Agege Lagos. doing underground business, making thousands of Maura every year yet they are not paying tax to the government

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