KPMG Salary Structure: See How Much They Pay their Workers

KPMG is of the best top firm to work for in Nigeria today. This is not just because KPMG salary structure or how much they pay their workers is huge but because you can build a career in KPMG once employed to this top auditing company in Nigeria.


In our subsequent post, we shall also release the staff salaries of other big international auditing companies operating in Nigeria like PwC, EY and Deloitte, so you could compare with what KPMG pays their staff on a monthly basis.

Below is Salary Structure of KPMG and How Much they Pay their Workers on Monthly and Annual Basis

  1. An intern working in KPMG is paid about N37,500 per month.
  2. The company pays an analyst collects between N116,000 and 146,000 on monthly basis.
  3. Senior analysts is paid between N2.17 million and 2.59 million on annual basis.
  4. Associates working at KPMG are also paid between N2.16 million and N2.35 million yearly.
  5. Senior Associate with KPMG is paid around N5.57 million and N6.02 million on annual basis.
  6. A Manager at KPMG collects between N12.6 million and N13.6 million per year.
  7. A staff working as Audit Associate with this firm is paid between N144, 000 and N156,000 on monthly basis.
  8. Audit Senior Associate collects between N241,000 and N258, 000 per monthl. while their annual total take home package ranges from N3.1 million to N3.32 million.
  9. A Trainee IT Consultant with the firm is paid around N2.39 million and N2.62 million on annual basis.
  10. Finally, KPMG salary for its Semi Senior Associate on annual basis ranges between N3.33 and N3.64 million.
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