Kerosene Business in Nigeria: Guide On How To Start

How to start a profitable Kerosene business in Nigeria, current cost and price of kerosene in Nigeria, things you must note if you want to start this business successfully is what this write-up is all about.

The current price of kerosene in Nigeria this 2017 is N190 thanks to our ever declining economy. Although, these prices are expensive, especially for a litre, most people still make cool money from engaging in kerosene selling business.

Kerosene also known as paraffin or lamp oil is a combustible hydro carbon liquid which is derived from petroleum. It is widely used as fuel in the industry as well as in households across the world. This post will show you how to get started in the business of selling kerosene. It is actually profitable if you do your due diligent well.

How To Start Selling Kerosene Business in Nigeria Today


You need a plan to start this business. You can’t set it up in an area in an area where gas cookers is mostly used. Setting it in a place with a lot of sellers existing also set you up for competition which you have to devise a means to tackle. You need to decide the number of litres you want to start with. Do your feasibility study and put your plan in form of a business (written).



For you to succeed in this business, you need to set it up where it demand is very high. After getting such location, get yourself a kerosene tanker or container where you will store your kerosene for sale. You can either buy an already made one or get someone to fabricate yours for you according to your taste. After this, you need a form of measuring unit in order to sell your product. Find the acceptable unit of measurement in your location and stick to it.

The next entity you need is a salesperson since you might not always be available. However, make sure the person is cook at book keeping or you teach him/her how to keep record of all transactions so you will know where your kerosene business is heading to.


If you are starting out with less than 10,000 litres of Kerosene, you are not expected to own a license but anything above that you a license to operate.


Develop and stick to your marketing strategies. However, you need to keep tweaking it against the strategies of your competitors and the latest trend in the oil and gas market.

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