How to Join the U.S. Army If You Are Not a Citizen of U.S

Do you know that you can join the U.S. Army even if you are not a citizen of the United States? If you are interested, then this post is for you. The American military system is such that it offers non-citizens opportunity to join the U.S Army as an enlisted soldier in as much as you meet the required specific legal immigration requirements. The only pitfall is that non-citizens cannot become commissioned officers in the U.S. military plus they are restricted from classified occupational specialties.


Steps on How to Join the U.S. Army If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen

1. You have to be a permanent legal resident living in the U.S. with work permit. Student or tourist visas cannot be used for enlistment into any of the U.S. military.

2. As a non-citizen, you must meet up with the same standards of education and physical fitness exercise as a normal American citizen.

3. You should possess a valid Permanent Residence Card- form I-551 (also known as a Green Card) or Immigration cards. This will help prove you resident status. You will not be permitted to begin formal military training until your legal permanent resident status is established

4. Once verified, apply to join the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Army.

5. If you want to become a commissioned officer, you would have to denounce your country’s citizenship and apply for U.S. citizenship to be eligible to become a commissioned Army officer in the U.S military.


The American military system is such that it accomodates different kinds of persons as long as you meet their stipulated requirements

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  1. richard

    my name is richard okubuike i am a Nigerian, my dream is to become a soldier in the united state of America. please help me. God bless us and God bless the united state of America.

    1. Amos Tommy

      Cool enough to join the United state army,I surely know that God will do it for me. Love that state so much,really eager to join them,God bless America.

  2. oladunke alabi barriu

    i always which to goin d u.s army i personaly know that god will do it for me

  3. small soldier

    am stephen from nigerian my frnd use 2 call small soldier becouse i wnt 2 become soldier pls help me i wil like 2 join army help me 07036272471

  4. Micheal charles

    Hello you are welcome to the U.S army official account, if you are interested

    1. john eric

      I wanna b part of d U.S army…am a nigerian and it’s my desire to b in d united states military…would like ur consideration

    2. KEHINDE


  5. orokeyeri friday

    if only God can help me to get into the u.s army force,i will be forever ever be great full to him,and him alone, thanks to the u s army force,

  6. Olatunji Ajayi

    in God we trust!!! that my wish but God kwn y we are here….. Love to join The US amry

  7. adohwo samuel

    pleas am a born soldier I have the body and every that ng a gallant soldier need so I want to be an america soldier

  8. AY

    Lolz you all want to join the us military but certainly not Nigerian military. There’s God oO

  9. Sylmeonpeter

    I wish to join the US military, either army navy or air force.. Am a Nigerian I don’t have the green card or anything but I will be happy to have more idea about how I can go about it. Thanks one love

    1. The process is simplified if you have all nigerian /us documents and you are in the us

  10. Fearless

    Love to be u.s army or navy

  11. I wish to become an us army,and i pray that God will fulfil my wishes for,I LOVE AMERICA,God bless you

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