Pepsi Football Academy In Nigeria: How To Join Easily (2023)

Are you planning on joining Pepsi football academy in Nigeria? then read this article. We have provided the steps to take in other to register in a top Nigerian football academy along with the general requirements and have also listed popular football academies in the country.


First of all, just know that a football academy is not a football club, it is a school for learning, grooming and developing football skills. Here, emphasis is not on winning trophies and brand building – even though you can get noticed from here.

The success of these academies cannot be overemphasized. Many popular players that have played for the Nigerian team at some points are graduates from Pepsi football academy.

To mention a few, football stars like John Mikel Obi, Peter Osaze Odemwingie, Onyekachi Apam, Elderson Echiejile, Solomon Okoronkwo and Isaac Promise. Looking at these breed of players, you know joining an academy to learn how to play professional football is not a waste of time.

Aside learning how to play football, these academies also teaches you some ethics and values that will help you throughout your career. Accepted, not all their graduates eventually get recognized by big clubs – this happen in almost all courses of studies.

So, it’s no excuse. I know, without going to any top Nigerian football academy in the country, you can get recognized. However, it is a lot easier through an academy.


Just like any serious school, you need to meet their requirements before joining their academy. Age is one of the important requirement. Each academy has its own requirements as it concerns the age of it students. Taking the Pepsi Football Academy for example, the Pepsi Football Academy is open to boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 16 years.

Aside age, there’s also the need to meet the test of coaches as the coaches will assess applicants on skills like balance and speed. You need to be good to stand a chance especially in academies having plenty applicants. Also, a requirement is one you already know – fitness! You need to be fit to be enrolled in any Nigerian football academy.

How To Register In Pepsi Football Academy As A Student

The steps to register in the Pepsi academy include:

  • Filling Application Form

To register in a football academy just like any other school, you need to fill an application form. The application form for some academies can be downloaded online from their website. For others, you need to visit the academy in person to obtain the application form.

After the completion of the application form you are expected to return the form. It is also important to note that depending on the academy, you are going to be paying for the application form.

  • Assessment

Upon submission of the completed form, you are assessed by the coaches to see if you have what it takes to survive in the academy. In some academy, just like the Pepsi Football Academy, you are even assessed before giving the chance to obtain a form.

  • Invitation

If you are deemed eligible, you are invited. When coming, you are expected to come in the company of your parent, guardian or an older member of the family can also stand for you. For the registration, you are expected to pay some fees. The payment method is specified by the academy. the following documents are required.

  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • 3 recent passport photographs of applicant
  • 1 recent passport photograph of parent/guardian
  • Photocopies of applicant’s school results
  • For applicants that have completed secondary school, they are to submit a photocopy of their SSCE.
  • Medical report certificate.

Like I stated earlier, each football academy has its own way of doing things. So, you will notice some differences when you approach any of the academy.

Below is a list of the popular Nigerian football academies in the country. Approach the one that is close to you or catches your fancy and proceed from there.

List Of Popular Football Academies In Nigeria

  1. Pepsi Football Academy.
  2. Barcelona Football Academy.
  3. Chelsea Football Academy.
  4. Nigeria Football Academy.
  5. Papilo Football Academy.
  6. Free Football Academy.
  7. Midas Football Academy.
  8. Milo Football Academy.
  9. Real-Madrid Football Academy.
  10. Kwara Football Academy.
  11. Siaone Soccer Academy.

Update: How To Join Pepsi Football Academy In Nigeria 2023

Pepsi Football Academy in Nigeria was founded in 1992 but began full operation in 1994 in recruiting young talented footballers who would become stars in the foreseeable future.

As of today, over 2500 students are registered within the Pepsi academy and this has helped sports in the country improve. With over 13 training centres and well trained coaches round in the country, the future of football in Nigeria is bright. Also note that the training centres are open for training on Saturday mornings. Weekdays training is at the discretion of the head coach at the centre.

Application into the academy is for boys and girls alike but must be 5 to 16 years of age before you are considered. Here is how to join Pepsi Football Academy easily.

  • Applicants must first go to the verified academy’s training centre and must identify with the coaches. We listed the training centres below.
  • An assessment is taken by the coaches based on the applicant’s football skills, speed, technical ability, physical fitness, etc.
  • Once the coach verifies the individual and he or she proves himself or herself worthy, the Application and Registration form for the Pepsi Football Academy is given to such candidate to fill.
  • Those who are eligible must come to the training pitch with their parents or guardian during the registration process.
  • There are some important documents to submit alongside the application form. These documents include: Both original and photocopy of birth certificate, photocopies of school results, passport of applicant, parent or guardian and medical report.
  • After application form is collected, you proceed to make payments at the designated bank for enrolling into the academy.

Registration fees to Enroll

While all applicants are advised to make payment at the bank, the following are the registration fee for enrollment in the academy.

Registration fee for 5 to 14 years of age

The total fee package is N6,000 only, but we have broken it down for you to know.

  • Registration fee: N1,000
  • Quarterly fees: N2,000
  • Training uniform: N2,000
  • Identity card: N500
  • Training bag: N500

Registration fee for applicants 15 years and above

The total package here is N12,000 only for those who are 15 years and above. We have also broken down the fees below:

  • Registration fee: N3,000
  • Quarterly fees: N3,000
  • Training uniform: N3,000
  • Identity card: N500
  • Training bag: N500
  • Maintenance fee: N2,000

Addresses of Pepsi Football Academy Training Centres in Nigeria

1. Lagos Training Centre Address

Cocoa Industries Field, Off Akilo Road, Ogba. Phone numbers to call are 08023108335, 08032451880 and 08023543676.

2. Orile-Imo Training Centre Address

The Football College Km 4, Sagamu/Abeokuta Expressway. Phone numbers to call are 08023108335 and 08032451880.

3. Sagamu Training Centre Address

AUD Primary School, Opposite Awolowo Market Makun. Phone number to call is 08034092523.

4. Ibadan Training Centre Address

Olubadan Stadium Iyaganku. Their phone number to call is 08034657553.

5. Ilorin Training Centre Address

Kwara State Stadium Complex. The phone number to call is 08032083789.

6. Aba Training Centre Address

Enyimba Int’l FC Stadium is the address for those who want to contact the academy in Abia state. The phone number to call is 08035451812.

7. Enugu Training Centre Address

Rangers Stadium Nkpokiti Street, Independence Layout. The phone number is 08037127050.

8. Owerri Training Centre Address

Dan Anyiam Stadium Imo State Sports Council. The phone number  to call is 08034347538.

9. Benin Training Centre Address

Western Boys High School Ikpoba Hill is the address to visit for those staying in Benin, Edo state. Call this phone number to contact them- 08038183097.

10. Abuja Training Centre Address

Government Senior Secondary School Tundunwada Zone Four. Phone number to call is 08023266411.

11. Kaduna Training Centre Address

Murtala Mohammed Square Independence Way, Opposite the Hamdala Hotel. Phone number to call is 08025940317.

12. Jos Training Centre Address

Methodist Primary School. Phone number to call is 07093144959.

13. Kano Training Centre Address

Rumfa College, Along Buk Road, PMB 3079 is the address for those living in Kano state. Phone number to call is 08036511010.


Please be aware that the Pepsi Football Academy will not provide accommodation or academic education for applicants. If you want to combine both education and football training, please apply via the Football College, Orile-Imo.

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