Italy/Italian Visa In Nigeria: Procedures And Requirements

Application and subsequent issuing of visa to persons trying to travel out of a country into another don’t necessarily have to be a thug of war but with some intending immigrants and their corner cutting nature full of bags of trick, it had become increasingly difficult to obtain the visa of some popular countries. visaTthis situation is common in our situation due to the bad reputation some people gave us which had beamed the light of many countries to us. However, with sincerity, you can get that visa you desire, the Italian visa inclusive. This post will address how to obtain Italy visa in Nigeria.

Italy is an European nation and a member of the Schengen state and as such, it follows the rules governing the Schengen application of visa. This rules for Italian visa application states that if Italy is your main and only destination then, you should apply for your visa at the Italian Consulate in Lagos.

However, if you intend to visit more than one country, you have to apply at the embassy of the country where you intend to spend the most of your time or at the embassy of the country which you intend to visit first. So follow2 the rule judiciously.

Types Of Italian Visa

The types of Italy visa in Nigeria is many. However, it can be generally grouped into two groups. The first being the short-term visas while the second one being the long term.

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Short term visas:The short-term visas are meant for short termed visit and includes business visa, Tourist visa, medical treatment visa, religious visa, sport visa, study visa, conference visa, government delegation and visitation visa.

Long term visas:these types of visas include family reunion visa, re-entry visas, employment visas, independent work visa and E.U citizens family member visas.

Note:It is important to note that the application procedures and requirement for the two categories of visa is the same. The only difference is that the long-term visa application is directed to the Italian consulate as opposed to the VFS visa application center.


Requirements For Obtaining Italian Visa In Nigeria

The below list contains the requirements for obtaining the visa.

  • A Nigerian international passport with at least 3 empty pages for your visa sticker
  • A completely filled application form (the form can be downloaded online)
  • A completed declaration form declaring the appropriateness of the information to be submitted
  • A sheet containing your personal information including contacts and address
  • For a multiple entry visa, provide a written guarantee of health insurance coverage
  • At least 2 recent passport photographs

Procedure To Get The Visa

All the above required documents should be submitted to the VFS visa application center. You will be required to make some payment after doing so, track your application status on



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