Is There Any Hope for Nigeria? See Response

Is There Any Hope for Nigeria? What’s Your Thought

With each day that passes by, with all the economic, political and security woes that befall this great nation called Nigeria, the question that rings in my mind each time I sit back to think about Nigeria is “Is there hope at all for Nigeria?”. Although, I am not a pessimist, I believe every one, country, race and tribe must pass through certain though times. But nothing should remain permanent, especially when its bad or evil.


Well, this is my personal opinion as every one is entitled to his. What informed my opinion was based on several factors that are beginning to convince me that I won’t be wrong to say that there lies no hope for this country, Nigeria.

First of all, the leaders are corrupt, I mean fantastically corrupt. The worst part is that the other two arms of government (the legislative and judicial arms of the government) that were meant to make things a bit right are now holding world records as being one of the most corrupt legislative arm of government in the world. With money laundering charges, padding, bribery and corruption denting the air in these various arms of government, I just don’t know when and how they will stop.

Just take a look at the kind of salaries these Nigerian legislators earn monthly plus allowances. What of the salaries of ministers, governors and even the President and his vice. No wonder men are ready to spill blood just to get up to those public places. Take a look at the minimum wage of the common man in Nigeria; when you add his house rent, school fees of his children, his electricity bill and a host of other bills plus the tax he pays minus feeding tell me where is the hope he has to survive in a country like Nigeria.

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No wonder, Nigerians would do anything to leave their own country to another man’s land where the right condition and atmosphere is favourable for him/her to thrive. We the followers of these so called leaders must also take the blame as we put them there to lead us. I don’t even know whether it is to the promised land or the suffering land we are headed.

Take a look at the election in America and that of Nigeria, see how transparent it was, see also the campaign of the popular candidates that contested for the just concluded United States election, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. I could imagine Nigeria in such cases. The politicians would have shared bags of rice, beans and money just to get the votes of the masses. Most at times, rigging is the order of the day and you say there is hope.


Honestly, where are we going to start hoping. Now, let’s come down to ourselves — the followers. Majority of Nigerians are lawless, greedy, negligent, and have no conscience. They go around singing praises for corrupt leaders hoping to curry favours for themselves and their children. We still see some people rushing to lick the butts of those influential politicians in Nigeria who milk this countries resources for their selfish benefits. We see some people who have two or more salary accounts, and still accuse the government of corruption. We have those who bribe their way to get anything for themselves and their children. And I can go on and on. Yet, these are the same people leaders will continue to emerge from.

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Finally, I will not just give up yet even though my generation is guilty as previous generations, I still believe there is still a generation that would be free form this hopelessness as Martin Luther would say “I have a dream”. I, too also have a dream and hope for Nigeria. What’s your own opinion? Do you think this country is forever doomed, or you think there’s still some hope remaining for Nigerians?



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  1. Maryam

    I still believe there is hope for Nigerians o



  3. Tajudeen Olabisi

    Which kind hope under this buhari regime of suffering and malnutrition. The rate of unemployment in the nation is high and you are talking of hope. Hope ko Hope ni

  4. Bimpe Adesuan

    What should i say, there should be hope and as you said nothing is permanent in life

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