Infinix Phones With Long Lasting Battery: Top 5 (Pictures & Spec)

Nowadays, it is very unambiguous that people buy different phones for different purposes. The choice of phone depends solely on the purpose of the phone. Someone who wishes to buy a phone just for answering calls only may not have the need to crosscheck other specs. Some class of people consider phone storage to be very important and some see the camera as the holy grail. But almost everyone in the country seeks to have a phone that can hold power for a long time. In fact, a phone without a good battery is more or less akin to a piece of wood.

Even the whites are aware of the fact that Africa and most especially Nigeria has a problematic power sector. So Nigeria-bound phones are mostly produced with long lasting batteries.

Infinix is a very popular and widely accepted phone brand in Nigeria. It is popular for its innovative products ranges. In this article, we shall highlight the top infinix phones with long lasting batteries. The list is not in any order, it is simply a collection of the very best infinix phones with powerful batteries life.

Top 5 Infinix Phones With Long Lasting Battery

#1. Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE


The infinix note 3 series is a better, stronger and more innovative brand than the note 2 series. It has a titan battery rated 4500mAh, which can power the phone for over 20hours after full charge. It has a very fast charging rate and is very ideal for people who use phones on regular basis to carry out activities.

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The note 3 series is operated on android 6.0 platform, 2.1 GHz processor speed and a 6-inch display screen. If you are about to buy a phone, then you have to be on the look out for this phone. It would definitely safe you from going to places with you chargers and power banks.

#2. Infinix Hot Note



This phone guarantees you of 20hours talk time without power issues. It has a 4,000mAh battery which can attain full charge in 45minutes. For users who play games, watch video, play music and browse the internet all at the same time, this brand is for you.

Infinix Hot note is a nice fit for this requirement. In addition to the powerful battery, this phone has other amazing specs all for a better user experience.

#3. Infinix Note 2 and Note 3 LTE

The battery of this phone is rock-solid. It is a nice fit for users who need phones that can hold power for a long time even when many power draining activities are done simultaneously.

The infinix Note 2 series is a “power-box”. It can even be used to charge other phones. This phone is the preferred brand for heavy phone users due to its wonderful batteries life.

#4. Infinix Hot 4 & Hot 4

Infinix phones with good battery life

This phone is a powerful machine that can run for over 20hours without issues in power. This phone is made for Nigerians. Its 4000mAh battery is not the only amazing specs in the phone.

It has a very highly rated camera with front and rare flash lights. The internal memory of the phone is 16gb and it has a processor speed of 1.3ghz Quad core cortex.

#5. Infinix zero and infinix zero plus

This phone is a sure bet for long lasting battery life. It has a 4000mAh battery. Hence, it can be powered for over 20hours without hitches. You can perform multiple power-sapping tasks. The infinix zero series has a RAM size of about 3gb and 4gb. The battery of this phone enables the user to enjoy full functionality of the device.

The brands listed above are the best infinix phones around in terms of battery power. We strongly recommend that you buy them.


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