The Most Infamous Female Serial Killers In The World: Top 5

The world is wired to believe that only men have the ability to commit certain crimes, most especially murder but it is interesting to know that some of the worst murder cases have been committed by women over the course of time. This post will shed more light on the most dangerous female serial killers in the world. These women did the unimaginable, they were dangerous and they were highly infamous for their crimes.


Top 5 Most Dangerous Female Serial Killers the World Has Ever Seen 

1. Gaetana Stimoli

Gaetana Stimoli, of Aderno, Sicily, was the architect of the killing of 23 children. Her style was to lure the unsuspecting children to her home with the promise of treats, once she had convinced her victims, the innocent children would go to her home and she would give them some wine with traces of undiluted phosphoric acids, which is incredibly poisonous to the human body.

The unsuspecting victims would then be sent back home, but just before they would get to their respective homes, they would suffer excruciating bodily pain which led to the inevitability of death. Stimoli was believed to have lost two children of her own and she believed that their deaths was as a result of some sort of bewitchment. Therefore in order to achieve some form of karmic balance in her mind, Stimoli sought to take the lives of other children to avenge hers.

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This occurred in the late 19th century, when witchcraft was a somewhat prevalent belief in secluded communities. Indeed, when her home was eventually searched, authorities found all the stock-in-trade of witchcraft they needed to confirm her extensive crimes.

2. Katherine Knight

She is known as the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, Katherine Knight was the brain behind the gruesome murder of her partner, John Price. The story behind his murder tells of how Knight stabbed the man to death, skinned him, and put his skin on a meat hook.

She cooked his head and various other body parts, placed them alongside vegetables on plates next to placecards containing his children’s names. Knight was planning to serve Price’s cooked body parts to his children.


Knight could have succeeded in serving the deceased cooked body to his children if the police did not immediately catch her. The police found her knocked out on pills amid the horrific murder scene. During her trial, Knight eventually pleaded guilty to Price’s murder, though she never directly acknowledged the crime. When shown footage of the murder, she reportedly grew hysterical and had to be sedated in court. She is currently serving out her sentence at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre in New South Wales.

3. Mary Ann Cotton

The motivating factor behind Mary Ann Cotton seemed to be money, but it was surely not the final motive of her evil deeds. Mary Ann Cotton was responsible for the deaths of three of her four husbands, and she is thought to have murdered 21 victims in all, which includes eleven of her 13 children as well as her own mother.

The main instrument she used for her murders was arsenic poisoning, which caused great gastric pain and the speedy decline of life force in her victims. After a 20-year long spree of mysterious murders surrounding Cotton’s life, she was eventually arrested and put on trial in 1873. Mary Ann Cotton was convicted of the murder of three of her husbands and was sentenced to death by hanging.

The execution was not a smooth one; Cotton’s trap door proved to be too short, and she writhed wildly at the end of her rope until she eventually choked to death.

4. Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley’s acts of violence describes the sexual assault and murders of five victims, ranging from the ages of 10 to 17. She connived with her evil husband, Ian Brady, and together they kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered their young victims.

In one case, they visited a playground and asked a 10 year-old girl known as Lesley Ann Downey to help them carry some packages to their home. On getting there, they grabbed her, stripped the young girl nude, took photos of her before full-on sexually assaulting and murdering her.

The couple’s spree was eventually put to a merciful halt. Their trial began in 1965, which was quite lucky for them, since capital punishment had been abolished in England just a few short weeks prior to their arrest. They were sentenced to life in prison. Myra Hindley died in 2002 of bronchial pneumonia, while Ian Brady is still alive, carrying out the remainder of his sentence.

5. Mary Bell

The case of Mary Bell is uniquely horrifying in the context of this list, since she committed her murders when she was just a child. In 1968, when she was 11 years old, Mary Bell strangled two little boys to death in Scotswood, a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne, in England.

The two boys were 4-year-old Martin Brown, and 3-year-old Brian Howe. Although the murder of Brian Howe had been allegedly committed by Bell and an acquaintance named Norma Joyce Bell (no relation), Mary Bell was the only one tried for the murder, as court-appointed psychiatrists declared that she displayed “classic symptoms of psychopathy”. Bell was given an indefinite prison sentence and was released in 1980, at which point she was granted anonymity and the opportunity to start a new life.

She would go on to have a daughter, who did not know about her mother’s haunting past until reporters eventually discovered their location.

These are the top 5 most dangerous female serial killers the world has ever known. There are many others but these ones stand out.


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