Human Trafficking In Nigeria: Solutions To The Menace

Human trafficking has been a menace in Nigeria. Over the years, this menace has been the challenge of many families and countries as thousands of men, women and children fall prey to traffickers promising a better life somewhere far from home. Trafficking in persons is a serious offence and in Nigeria, it is being tackled to make sure that an end to it is brought about.


To know more about human trafficking and solutions to human trafficking, it will be a good start if everyone can get some insight about human trafficking by attending human trafficking awareness training.

The issue of human trafficking can not be overemphasized because it has become very serious that organizations across the country must include it as part of human development in their agenda.

If you notice or suspect any case of human trafficking, do not hesitate to call the attention of the appropriate government agencies which take care of such matters. You can contact the Nigeria Police at the nearest police station or the National Agency For The Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons, NAPTIP.

You should also set up a volunteer group in your community or if there is one already, you can be of service to join the volunteer group in your community that will clamp down against human trafficking. This will help keep in check the activities of trafficking in persons faster than when the job is left to the government alone to do the fighting.

Please be informed that your volunteer group should be recognized by the government and appropriate security agencies so that you do not go about your business of checking human trafficking and traffickers illegally. Do not take laws into your hands. Once traffickers are apprehended, take them to the appropriate agencies for prosecution.


The public has to be enlightened on the best possible ways to fighting against human trafficking. Public awareness programs to counter human trafficking is key to ending the menace. So every hand must be on deck to make sure that this situation called human trafficking is nipped in the bud.

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