How to withdraw funds from Paypal using Payoneer Debit Master Card in Nigeria

Do you have a Paypal account in Nigeria? I believe you might be having some issues with receiving funds via Paypal. This is because, Paypal restricted the receiving option for Nigerians trying to receive funds.

Well, for the fact that Paypal don’t allow Nigerians receive funds does not mean that Nigerians who have address in a Paypal certified country can’t receive funds via Paypal.

Please not that Paypal placed ip and billing restrictions to Nigeria which means that you won’t be able to use a Nigerian ip to transact and receive funds. You will agree with me that some Nigerians who use Paypal in Nigeria do so by having a trusted friend send the money or use a US billing address with US VPN service.

Now If you want to receive money into your Paypal account and would like to withdraw it here in Nigeria or in any Paypal non supported country, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign up with Payooner to get a US bank account. With Payoneer, you would be able to operate a sort of virtual US bank account. You would be given your US account detail which contains your checking number and routing number. Try and jot down these numbers as they would be required of you when you want to receive payments into your US bank account.

Step 2: After you have signed up for Payoneer, apply for the Payoneer Debit Mastercard. Wait until you receive your card and activate it using a 4 digit PIN.

Step 3: Activate the US payment service


Step 4: Log into your Paypal account and link your Payoneer US bank account to Paypal
Step 5: Choose the option “withdraw to bank from Paypal”

Step 6: Paypal would credit your account within two to three working days after which Payoneer would alert you that your account has been credited.

Step 7: You can now withdraw your funds via any local ATM in Nigeria using your Payoneer debit mastercard

How to link your Payoneer US bank account to Paypal

Sign in into your Paypal account and choose add bank account
Enter your bank details as seen in your Payoneer US payment service
Click to confirm
Paypal will send some money to your account
Copy and confirm the payments back to Paypal
Account is now linked to Payoneer and you can now receive payments into your US bank account

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    Can I use Auction Essistance PayPal withdraw service to get money out of my Nigerian account?

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    Please is this still applicable now?

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