How To Venture Into Broiler Farming in Nigeria

Step By Step Guide on How to Farm Broilers in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, there is the need to venture into more than one source of income. This will help one achieve financial security even in the midst of economic recession and one of the ways to go about it is to engage in broiler farming.


Even if this is not your full time job, it can be set in place while you go about your daily activity and handed to someone competent to manage, someone with the ability to raise broilers and take good care of them as you supervise occasionally to make sure that things are moving smoothly and on weekends, you could devote more of your time to your chickens and help nurture them to the best of your ability.

Broiler Farming is a really interesting venture as it does not take away your current job from you. Let us look below for the step by step guide on how to engage in broiler farming in Nigeria.

Step By Step Guide To Broiler Farming in Nigeria.  

Step One

To begin your journey into broiler farming in Nigeria, you need to have a good plan to follow and do a comprehensive research on the business you are about to venture into. You should also seek out the opinion of successful broiler farmers you know in order for you to be well rounded in the business. Things like why you are venturing into the business, your commitment to the business, your startup capital, the location of your business and many other factors need to be considered. 

Acquire first hand knowledge of the business and do a thorough market survey of the broiler business and finally get your business plan ready. Now, you’re good to go.

Step Two

After taking care of everything you need in step one, the first thing you need to do in step two is to decide over the breed of broiler you want to farm. This depends on what you want and you could go for broiler chicks of one-day old whose weight is between 36g-40g or broilers between 0-6 weeks old.


Once that is taken care of, begin to make preparations ahead for the broilers by getting the materials of your poultry farm ready. Things like the feed, medicines for the broilers, the poultry buildings etc should be put in place. Then, get founding broiler; after all the preparations are made and the environment is made conducive for the broiler, introduce a healthy broiler to the poultry.

Be careful not to Introduce a random broiler from the street as this may lead to a waste of your investment. Therefore it is advisable that you buy your founding broiler from a good poultry. This shows the need for a good relationship between you and other farmers.

Another factor to consider before you introduce your broilers into the poultry is Temperature. Temperature is very key in broiler farming. Do make sure to check the temperature of the boilers 48 hours before bringing them to the farm, the temperature of the poultry should be 350C at the time of arrival of small chick broilers. For week one, the room temperature would be 350C. This should reduce gently as the broilers acclimatise to the new environment.

Step Three

This step involves managing the broilers’ feeds. Disinfectants such as Lysol, Lime, Bleaching powder and Phenols are key in helping to keep poultry clean and in managing the feed of the broilers, this helps prevent the broilers from contracting poultry disease. You should also get a veterinary doctor to come do routine check ups on broilers. While the broilers are grown up, ensure that there is enough space for ventilation. Cleaning the liters of the broilers should be done on a daily basis both at mornings and evenings.

You need to create a feeding routine if you want to feed the broilers effectively. To feed the young chicks for the first month you will employ starter feeds, from the second month you will feed the broilers with finisher feeds. In feeding broilers, proper and high quality feed is a vital factor for success in broiler farming, broilers needs high percentage of protein in their feeds to make them grow well, vitamin A, B2, D3, B12 and K should also be made available so as to meet their vitamin needs. Broilers eat all the time (morning, afternoon and night) therefore you should make available their feed all the time. Alongside the feed, make available clean and fresh water in the poultry always.

Step Four

Your broilers should be doing just fine at this stage so it is necessary for you to inform everyone that you’re a broiler farmer and you can do this by telling family and friends by word of mouth, via social media and by making acquaintances with potential customers.


The more exposure you get, the more sales you make. Registering with professional bodies also help your business by getting it established. Also get involved in talk shows, seminars and other avenue where you will be given the opportunity to speak.

Need not worry over making profit on broiler, there is a very high demand of it in the market, eateries, bakeries and so many other places, the more you sell the more profit you stand to make.

If you follow these steps wisely, you should have no problems being an established broiler farmer in due time.

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