How To Understand Your Cycle Days.

I remember my boyhood days .I remember vividly that my mum was in the habit of marking calendar days. I never knew why she was doing it so I was curious. But now I know why.


It was a popular method of reading and understanding the female reproductive cycle days and it worked out well for her as well as many other women that adopted that method of reading their reproductive cycle.As many of our mothers had many children.

But then they had something unique working in their favor, your guess is as good as mine.

I also remember in my high school days as an individual I had a gifting of memorizing figures which includes dates of events. I still have it now though. I had a pretty girlfriend then, I made it a habit of notifying her four to three days before the arrival of her menstrual period.

How did I do it? I observe over time that her cycle days lasted 21  Day one of menses to the day one of the next menstrual day. I made this observation but she never cared. All she does is to ask me “when am I expecting my period?” and I will promptly tell her.

Since she was very free with me and so she did not have problems discussing sensitive things about herself with me. Over time every 11th day of her cycle she tells me that she observes a colourless discharge. She was bothered because she did not know what it was.


I did not know either but I always had something to tell her and I will tell her that her body wants sex. Thank God I did not take advantage of that or else I have been a premature father (joke).

Well I became bothered too as it became an usual occurrence around the same time so I sought for answers only to discover that it was her most fertile period.

In a nutshell the cycle days starts from day one of menses and end a day before another menstrual period starts. In between the cycle a process called ovulation occurs in the female body and that is when that whitish discharge is noticed. That colourless discharge is cervical mucus.

So how do you understand yours?

  1. Get a diary or a pad or use the calendar method to to record the day and time you spoted the start of your menses.
  2. Record the day it stops.
  3. Take note of the number of days which menses lasted.
  4. Continue to observe changes in your body in the coming days also take note of time and day You noticed something. It could be temperature change, abdominal sensations etc record and take note.
  5. Record the day and time you spotted whitish discharge and also note when you feel  It stopped coming out.
  6. Keep taking records or your observation till the next period starts.
  7. Determine from your record the number of days your cycle lasted.
  8. Determine the day in your cycle that you saw the cervical mucus.
  9. Repeat procedure in the next period.

Note that

  1. Throughout your cycle days use prenatal vitamins such as folic acid 500mcg.
  2. Eat fruits and leafy vegetables.
  3. I will not advice that you abstain from love making in the first month.You can do it whenever you begin to experience body temperature rise during the cycle.

Make this observation for three to four months and at the end of this period you should be able to determine;

  1. Average length of your cycle.
  2. Ovulation period.
  3. How your body to the coming of ovulation.

I will also advise that you a get a basal thermometer or Ovulation predictor kit which can get from any drug store. If you observe anything that is a concern to you, tell your hubby as he has the right to know.

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