How to Transfer Airtime On Airtel Network

airtel-nigerian-infopediaAre you looking for information on how to transfer airtime on Airtel network, then read the procedure below. To transfer airtime on Airtel, you must use the Me2U service from Airtel that allows Airtel subscribers send airtime from one Airtel line to another everywhere you are.

How To Change Your Me2U Password on Airtel Network

It is necessary to change the default Airtel Me2u password 1234 to another, so as to avoid other people sending your airtime from your line without your consent. Send a message (see below) to 432, to change your Me2U password.
Example: if your new pin is 4050, then send “PIN 1234 4050” to 432.

How To Transfer Airtime Credit on Airtel Me2U

Format: 2U Amount PhoneNumber PIn

  1. Simply dial *166*Amount*Airtel number#
  2. Select the send airtime option
  3. Write the required denomination, then the password and then Ok. or

Simply type: 2u 2600235 4000 1234 and send the sms to 432. You can choose to transfer any amount.

Example: if you wish to transfer N100 to 08020976539 and your pin is 4444, then send: “2U 50 N100 08020976539 1234” to 432.

Note: You will be charged N10 on every successful transfer on your Airtel line.


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