How To Transfer Airtime/Credit On Etisalat Nigeria

etisalat-nigerian-infopediaAre you looking for information on how to transfer airtime/credit from one Etisalat line to the another Etisalat SIM, this post will show you how to do just that.

Etisalat airtime/credit transfer service is a service provided by Etisalat Nigeria that allows you transfer airtime credit/balance from your Prepaid or Postpaid account to another Prepaid account within the Etisalat network frame.

Procedures on How to transfer credit on Etisalat Line/Sim

Below is the format to transfer airtime on your Etisalat SIM. I will explain further below:

*Credit transfer Service Code *Pin*Amount*Mobile number#

Simply type the following command on the display on your mobile phone screen and press the send key
The credit transfer code for the credit transfer service is 223

Your 11 Digit Mobile Number- 08091234567

The Default Pin is 0000


Amount you want to transfer- 100, 200, 300, e.t.c

For example, if you want to transfer N300 to a mobile number 08091234567, you type and send the following command- *223*0000*300*08091234567#

NB: After sending the Airtime Transfer command, you will receive a message to confirm the transaction details. You would be requested to press 1 to confirm and 2 to cancel.

The default PIN is 0000. If you want to change the default PIN, please dial *247*old PIN*new PIN# or call 247 & follow the instructions

With this procedures, you will be able to share credit to your friends and family using the Etisalat network.

Hope you know understand the procedures on how to transfer airtime on Etisalat from one SIM to the other.

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