6 Easy Steps on How To Revive A Wet Phone

Nowadays, phone manufacturers make smartphones with smooth surfaces and bezels which causes phones to slip out of our pockets or even our hands.

Imagine the worst scenario as dropping your phone mistakenly on the ground,  on a wet floor or even in a bowl filled with water. While there are smartphones now made to be water resistant which are quite expensive, the same cannot be said for others which are non-water resistant.

Are you caught in the dilemma of your phone entering inside a bowl of water, do not panic as there is still hope that the phone might not be totally damaged. Below are tips to try out immediately you remove your phone from the water.

1. Take off the battery immediately and avoid turning on the wet phone until it is totally dry.

2. Dismantle phone parts carefully. Try not to tamper with the phone board. peripherals like the case, back cover, nuts, phone buttons, e.t.c should be separated.

3.Try to drain out water from the device by using a vacuum.

4. Remove moisture by using RICE or any substance with a high affinity- If you want to use rice, place the phone inside a bowl or a bag of uncooked rice or desiccant “This is usually found with new shoes”


5. Leave the phone inside the bag of rice for at least 24hrs.

6. Couple your phone and you are good to go.

Hope this helps those that have wet phones

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