How To Renew Nigerian Visa On A Minor’s American Passport

Here are the simple guidelines & process of obtaining Nigerian visa for children or minors living in America, the processing fees and requirements.

How to obtain Nigerian visa for children or minors abroad

How to obtain Nigerian visa for children or minors abroad

If you stay outside the country, you will notice that the process of obtaining Nigerian visa is difficult and stressful. Well, with the help of the internet, it has been made easy as application for Nigerian visas can be completed online without the need to travel back home to apply or even renew visas for your kids.

What you need do is to request the service of immigration experts in the Nigerian Consulate for visa processing for children rather than going through the rigorous process yourself. Be aware that getting a visa for kids is often similar to those of adults. Although there are little differences which we shall point out in this write-up.

Take for instance, while adults verification requires less days, the Nigerian visa for children or minors requires up to 7 to 10 working days to be approved. More so, the current fees for obtaining a visa which also includes the application fee for American passport holders this 2017 is set at $180 (one hundred and eighty US Dollars). Also, in addition to the normal visa and passport fees that’s usually paid online, the embassy currently charges an additional processing fee of $30 (thirty dollars) per applicant and $85 (eighty five dollars) for expedite application.

Below are the important requirements to note in obtaining Nigerian visa for minors and children:

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1. Book online appointment for Nigerian Visa before heading for the Nigerian Embassy, High commission or consulate.

2. Be sure to select the right visa type, print and sign the Nigerian visa application form before visiting the Embassy.


3. Also print the Nigerian visa payment slip and acknowledgement slip.

4. Take along your National Passport and other travel documents you will need to the Nigerian Embassy.

5. Signed letter of consent by father of the child or court order by the mother, granting her full custody.

6. Birth certificate for every child applying.

7. One sized photograph of whoever has custody of the child and also photocopies of data page of either the father or mother showing court order of who has custody right of the child.

Guidelines on How to Apply for the Nigerian Visa Easily

1. Visit the official Nigeria Immigration web portal

2. Select the appropriate application form to begin the application process.

3. Entry Visa/Free-zone Application Form

4. Fill in the application form correctly.

5. Click on ‘Submit Application’, and you will be able to view the ‘Applicant details page’

6. Click the proceed to online payment button.

7. Select payment currency ‘Pay in Dollars’ option.

8. Select the continue button.


As stated in the requirements above, do take to the Nigerian Embassy in your country of residence your passport, visa payment receipts and other related travel documents on the scheduled date for the interview. That is process on how to renew and obtain Nigerian visa for children or minors in America or any country in the world.


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