How To Remove All Unwanted Facebook Groups At Once From Your Profile

How To Remove All Unwanted Facebook Groups At Once


Being a member in so many facebook groups can sometimes be embarrassing because you get notifications you never wished to see in your news feed like porn and scam posts.

Most times you are added to these groups without your consent or the ones you don’t desire the be member again.

if you have more than 1,000 groups you belong to and you wish to leave say 700 groups. Doing this manually one after another can take you several hours. I tried doing it when i wanted to leave any unwanted groups, i spent more than 4 hours to remove 400 groups.

But the good news is that you can now leave all your facebook groups all at once and later add the once you need. Simply Follow The Steps Below

Using Chrome Browser

1. Go to Google Chrome Web store and “Toolkit For Facebook” to your chrome browser


2. After Adding it to your Chrome browser.

3. Goto your Facebook and open your group page to view all your groups.

4. Facebook groups locate the “Toolkit For Facebook” at the top right of your browser with the logo “PST” and open it.

5. Goto “Removal Tools” and under “Premium Removal Tools” choose “Remove All Groups At Once”.

Note: You Must Stay In The Facebook Groups Windows To Perform This.

Sit & Relax While Your Groups Are Being Taken Away.

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