How to Register your Business in Nigeria (New Method)

If you have a business, an enterprise in Nigeria and you are searching online on how to register your business name, then this post is for you.

According to Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the process of registering businesses in the country has been simplified. You don’t need a lawyer, or a third party to carry out the registration. All you need is to follow the instructions and you automatically have a business legally registered in Nigeria.

Note: The Advantage of registering your business in Nigeria is that no other person, business or establishment is allowed to use your name or trade mark in the eyes of the law unless you permit such person(s).

Steps On How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria

1. Choose a business name

Choosing the right business name is very important when you want to register an enterprise in Nigeria. In this regard, decide carefully on what business name you want to use for registration. It is best you go for names that are similar to the products you want to sell or services you would like to render.

2. Apply at Corporate Affairs Commission Office

After choosing the right business name, the next step is to visit the Corporate Affairs Commission where you will be given a business name search form (Form008) to fill. To fill the form, you will have to pay N500, though it might change with time. The purpose of this form is to know whether your business name is available.

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Fill in your details on the form as instructed. If you don’t understand any of the sections on the form, do ask questions for clarification. After filling in the form appropriately, you submit it.

3. After some days, visit the Corporate Affairs Commission again

It normally takes about a week to do the business name search. There may be a tendency that your business name is might not be available. If this is so, repeat step one to three. If it is available, request for the Registration of Business Form (Form001).


After you fill it, you would be expeceted to pay the sum of Ten thousand naira only (N10,000). You would then collect forms for attestation and affidavit. Visit any court closer to you, pay the sum of N500 for the court’s magistrate endorsement.

4. You are set

You can now collect your business name certificate of registration from the CAC and you are done registering your business name.

I hope you found this little procedure to register your business name in Nigeria interesting. If you have questions, use the comment section below. Goodluck



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  1. Gidi Don

    It was helpful. I used to think registering the business will cost up to 30,000 naira. Now I know better. However,your information up there isn’t complete. You’ll have to pay the sum of 250 naira for the acquisition of the registration form. The registration form comes after you’ve done name check and your name is available.

  2. Vivian

    Pls I was told that this process is only done in Abuja. Can I register my business in Lagos and if so, where is the office located?

    1. This is the address i saw on their portal. It is located in Abuja
      Corporate Headquaters
      Plot 420, Tigris Crescent,
      Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street,
      Maitama, Abuja.

      Customer Service:
      Public Affairs:

      P.M.B 198, Garki, Abuja-Nigeria

  3. Samson Oshitola

    Thank you for your informations,from your estimated fees 11,000 Naira for registration is that in Abuja or Lagos because I recently got my Lawyer to register my company and it cost me 80,000 Naira for processing,to avoid confusion which one is right.

    1. Stanley

      Registration of business name is quite different from incorporation of company. If you register ur business, u will have a BN:237111 on certificate while incorporation bears RC: 237111. For those that may wish to incorporate their own company u can email me; remember is cheaper than 80,000 naira.

  4. Ademola

    Good leads


    Kindly please help me with related samples of Business name associated to Body and Hair care products.


    Am on the process of registering a business name which I consulted a friend of mind whom I think is in the better position to help me out and he requested I give him #5000 five thousand naira for CAC search which I did although, am still waiting to hear from him. But before that he told me it will cost me up to #100,000 one hundred thousand naira to register the name. He also told me the company will get up to 1.2m shares, pls how do you clearify me on this before going further. Thank you

    1. CHINASA O

      Pls I need a help on this

    2. Please visit the CAC office to verify any information on business registration to avoid being duped. It is the best place you can get the best information on what you need. Below are the list of state addresses of Corporate Affairs Commission Offices in Nigeria

  7. Clinton

    This really helped me,I appreciate. It was more simple than I thought

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