How to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

In Nigeria today, being hypertensive is a common factor that has led many to either having a heart attack, stroke or even death. Stress, excessive thinking, emotional trauma are just but a few that causes hypertension. While there are various ways to maintain and reduce blood pressure levels, this article would expose to you, the natural means of reducing high blood pressure levels.

Healthy Diet

In search for solutions on how to reduce blood pressure, the chief culprit is an unhealthy diet. What kind of food you take on a daily basis matters a lot. Food prepared with high amounts of salts can complicate your water retention levels, which increases blood volume that causes High BP. Reducing or eliminating salt intake is very important if you must reduce high blood pressure. Try to avoid meat and use vegetables to prepare your meals. Natural fruit intake is also important. Eat foods with low cholesterol and low saturated fat.

Use Herbs and Vitamins

While there are different medications that can help reduce high blood pressure, there are also natural means that can be of great assistance. The use of garlic seeds, ginger, cinnamon, basil extract, have shown that they can help reduce hypertension. We see most of these herbs being sold in the market on a daily basis and can even be planted in our homes. If your body lacks these vitamins- potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, using the right supplements to checkmate them can come in handy.

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Physical Activity

Research has shown that lack of exercise and physical activities can be a reason for increased blood pressure levels. Are you the type that prefers using the elevator rather than the stairs? It’s time to take the stairs if you want an improvement in your blood level condition. Domestic chores can be great but adding some mild physical exercise like cycling, jogging, walking and even swimming can also go a long way to reducing hypertension. Also, exercise can help reduce the possible side effects of medications of blood pressure.

Changing Lifestyle

Apart from exercises, decreasing stress and worry can be an effective tool to lower blood pressure. Doing things that make you happy and focused can serve a great deal. Addictions such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake should be stopped. Engaging in yoga, meditation can help to relief one from stress. Doing things with a positive mindset and changing a negative lifestyle can bring positive results to the overall health of the body and mind.

Regular Checkup

It is advisable to check your BP levels at least once a month but if you are in constant struggle with High BP, meet a doctor for advice. Pharmacies in Nigeria have automated blood pressure monitors that can be used to carry out test on your blood sugar levels. Also, learn how to read your blood pressure test results so that you can keep a track record of your health. For example, high blood pressure is when your systolic levels (top number) are at 140 mmHG or higher, and the diastolic pressure levels (bottom number) are at 90 mmHG or higher. For more information, ask your doctor or local pharmacist.



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