How To Obtain ISBN In Nigeria Easily: Step by Step Guide (2023)

Step by step Guide in Obtaining ISBN Number in Nigeria Easily.

According to Wikipedia, The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique.

The ISBN is normally assigned separately to each edition and variation of a publication. For instance, a book, a paperback or even a hardcover edition of the same book usually have a different ISBN. The ISBN was normally ten digits long before in 2007, and thirteen digits long after 1st of May, 2007. There are various methods of assigning an ISBN and it varies between countries, especially on how large the nations publishing industry of a country is.


Sample of an ISBN number

Book publishing is a lucrative business for those who can write well. And one of the important step in publishing a book in the right way is by obtaining an ISBN number for your book which can be gotten from the National library (either in Abuja or Lagos).

This could aid the acceptance of your books in major libraries and bookstores as well as help you in times of disputes such as a plagiarism case. However, it main purpose is for book identification as no two books have the same ISBN number.


As stated earlier, this number can be obtained from any of the national libraries (Abuja and Lagos). Follow the below steps to get it.

  1. Write a letter to the national library in question, requesting for an ISBN number and then obtain a form. An ISBN cost N2,500 but be prepared to spend more than that.
  2. When you are returning, which should be within 2 weeks of obtaining the form, take along with you a photocopy of your certificate of company registration obtained from the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  3. Also come with a manuscript of the book you wish to obtain the ISBN number for. After making your submissions, you will be issued an ISBN. After obtaining it, you can now go ahead and publish your book.

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  1. Thanks for the details. But for an Ebook, do you still have to print out a manuscript of your book?

    1. Ebooks are not physical, and hence you don’t “print” them, or need ISBNS for them either.
      But, if you wish to have a paperback (physical copy) of your manuscript, you can also do that through various platforms, but you do need an ISBN.
      In summary, you need an ISBN for paperbacks but not for Ebooks. It can be the same manuscript though.

  2. Charles Solomon

    This is a very good information. However the national library should link to this portal and make online provision for payment of ISBN.

  3. This is great. but can one get ISBN online? because the distance from where I am is very far to Abuja. please reply

  4. I need an ISBN a name pastor who is my customer want an ISBN, I’m a printer but I have not registered company is that possible

  5. Dr Fenibo Emmanuel Oliver

    Do I need ISSN for online Journal?

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