Ladies, Watch out for womanizers! These signs will keep you safe

Signs on how to know a womanizer

No lady wants to marry a womanizer, certainly not even me writing this post. But if I may ask, is there any simple way for knowing which guy out there is a womanizer so we can avoid such men? Well, Ladies whether you are married or single and searching, these tips will open your eyes to know what kind of friend, fiance or husband you have. Married ladies out there, its time you check on your husbands now! because he might just be guilty of some of these signs of a womanizer


1. His eyes are always looking around admiring other ladies
It was so romantic when you both met at that location, be it a restaurant or even a night club. He makes the first move, talks to you, but within you, you are not to sure of his intentions. He stares at you but notice his eye movements as he monitors the room, admiring ladies for his next move. Trust me, that’s a first class womanizer!

2. Extremely Romantic

Wow, this should be every woman’s desire. He just knows how to make you feel like a woman. He knows the right words, understands your body language, In fact all his attention he gives you with an intense passion and you are feeling fly. Trust me, once he sees another, all these things becomes history.

3. No future, just s3x
You date him, and even m*ke love to him. This continues for a period. He doesn’t talk about the prospect of him meeting your parents or you meeting his. He gives you an engagement ring to cage you down. This is another sign that he is not serious with you and might be playing an away match somewhere else.

4. Even when married, he still loves late night parties


Old habits never die. One of the top signs of a womanizer is this: he always has an option. To stay loyal in a relationship for such men is extremely difficult as the life they had before marriage can’t just fizzle out like that. Imagine him still keeping late nights, with useless excuses to hide his act. Well, it’s never good, especially for the married ladies and he might be a womanizer and keep on doing what he used to do even before he met you.

5. He is just like a bulb (on and off)

This one is for the single ladies. We all know how excited it can be for the single ladies when they feel they have met the perfect boyfriend. You rush to tell your friends and for like two months, the feeling is still fresh. All of a sudden, you notice that he doesn’t call again, no flashing, no text and anything you do irritates him. My dear, its time to usain bolt out of that ship you call relationship because, that is another sign of a womanizer.

I think I would stop here but if you see a combination of these signs in a guy you admire or like, please run and avoid such persons because if you end up marrying him, it becomes for better for worse. Do you know of any other signs, please use the comment option to let the house know


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I am Joy Umukoro, a grahic designer, journalist and also a writer on Nigerian Infopedia. Love making friends, reading and writing. Am also a Jesus addict. Saved by Grace Alone

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  1. Gideon

    My name is Gideon, am from Ogun State. I have been disappointed twice by my female partners which made me believe love doesn’t exist. Kindly advise me on this issue. Thanks.

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