How to Keep the Skin Wrinkle Free

Exposing the skin to excessive sun rays has been identified by science as the major cause of wrinkles, especially for fair-skinned people. Although genes may be another factor, other factors such as pollutants, bad water, salt, creams and smoking, may contribute to wrinkling.

It has become a normal routine of people in different facets to lie about their age. Both men and women are prone to having wrinkles but it is more prevalent in women due to their beauty and fashion routine. As they get mature, the signs become noticeable.


According to Wikipedia, wrinkles can be defined as a fold, ridge or crease in the skin and is mostly noticeable especially as one age increases in life. It is also known as rhytide. If you are bothered about your wrinkles, there are ways to treat wrinkles ranging from medications, surgery, fillers, etc.

In a fast attempt to get rid of these wrinkles, people have resorted to various household remedies that produce little or no effect in clearing wrinkles even using botox injections which are effective against wrinkles, but very costly and risky.

Although the dangers of such method can be hazardous to the health, people out of desperation still resort to it for quick results. This article exposes various alternative natural solutions in reducing wrinkles and can be applied on a daily basis.



To reduce wrinkles, the first thing you can do is changing the way you sleep at night. Some sleeping positions at night can cause “sleep lines” which forms on your skin and eventually, lead to wrinkles. When you sleep on your back, you reduce the risk of developing these sleep lines.

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In reducing or getting rid of wrinkles, what you eat matters and could either help make your skin healthier or even weightier. A daily intake of fruits and vegetables like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes etc, help to keep the skin smooth and can also reduce the emergence of wrinkles.

Also, salmon being an excellent source of protein and fatty acids can help reduce the presence of wrinkles on your face. The fatty acids help maintain the plumpness of your skin, and that helps discourage the development of those unpleasant wrinkles.

Cocoa, is another fruit that is rich in antioxidants which can protect your skin very well, keeping it nice and smooth for a longer time. A cup of cocoa tea before you sleep at night should help.


It is not only the things you consume that would help eliminate or reduce wrinkles, daily habits also add up in protecting the skin. For example, instead of squinting and stressing the eye when you try to read something, get a pair of reading glasses.

Squinting too much can cause wrinkles to build up, especially on the face. Also wear sun shades when going out under the sun.


Washing your face when oily at regular intervals is something people take for granted. Using clean water with natural soap made from aloe vera is one that helps reduce not only wrinkles, but acne and pimples.

Wash at morning and in the night before you go to bed. Also drink lots of clean water as it is a solution to most skin problems.

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