How To Join Nigerian Customs As A Graduate (2023)

The Nigerian customs service or NCS is among the paramilitary organisations in Nigeria that faciliatates trade and supervise the supply of goods and services. If you are interested in serving Nigeria, through this arm, then this guide is for you. Recruitment and application for job in the Nigerian customs is open to anyone, but this guide is specifically for graduates.

Nigeria customs ranks and salary

There are a lot of thing you need to know before you apply for the Nigerian customs as a graduate. First of all, the application is completely free, so do not fall prey to scammers that want to eat your money with different schemes. Also, the job positions for the application that is open for application are; Superintendent cadre, Inspectorate cadre, and Assistant cadre. Over 5000 applicants would be admitted to the Nigerian customs on a yearly basis.

The General Requirements for Joining the Nigerian Customs

  • The NCS (Nigerian customs applicant), must be a Nigerian citizen as stated by the Nigerian constitution.
  • For male applicants, you should not be less than 1.7 meters in height. On the other hand, females should not be less than 1.64 in height.
  • The NCS applicant would have an expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 meters.
  • Must not be suffering from any physical or mental disability.
  • The NCS applicant should be free from any financial embarrassment that can accrued from debts of loans from banks or government.
  • The applicant must also be of good character, and should not be a convict of any crime, whether major or minor.
  • You should also wield with you a certificate of state of origin signed by your local government chairman/ secretary.
  • An applicant that is of the female gender must not be pregnant at the time of application.

As a Nigerian graduate, there are specific guidelines for some job titles in the Nigerian customs. In subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at them. Also note that applicants have different age requirements for some categories; 18-25  years for CONSOL 3, 4 and 6, and ages 18-28   for CONSOL 7 and CONSOL 8.

How To Apply For Nigerian Customs Service As A Graduate

Every year, different positions are advertised and you have to meet the minimum qualification to be able to enroll. When you meet the academic requirements, then you would proceed to the next stage to take the recruitment exam. Afterwards, what would follow is the training phase, where you would be physically prepared to serve in the Nigerian customs.

There are application procedures for joining the Nigerian Customs Service as graduates and they include

Step 1: Make sure you fulfil the graduate requirements for joining the Nigerian Customs

As listed above, you must meet all requirements if you want to stand a chance of being qualified to enroll as an applicant for the Nigerian custom recruitment. These graduate requirements are essential.

Step 2: Present Valid Educational Certificates

If you graduated from any university in Nigeria, you have to present Your BA or BSc certificate while if you are a graduate of a polytechnic, you have to present your HND certificate as the case may be. All these documents should either be scanned or photocopied. Avoid submitting the original.

Step 3: Present NYSC Certificate

Graduate applicants should also present their NYSC discharge certificate as proof that they underwent the 1-year compulsory program. This is required for graduates who wish to apply in any organization.

Step 4: Visit Recruitment Portal

In this step, you have to go go to the customs recruitment portal to create a profile, log in and apply. Afterwards login to your profile with your details and apply. The URL for the online portal for applying for the Nigerian customs is

Step 5: Fill In Correct Details

In your application, ensure that you filled in your details correctly (example; Degree, Religion, marital status, name etc). Also make sure that you keyed in a valid email address. In your application procedure, when you create an account, you would be sent an email for account activation. Activate the account by verifying your email, and then continue to the application.

Jobs Available In The Nigerian Customs Service

There are three job cadre available. These three positions are made available yearly; Superintendent cadre, Inspectorate cadre, and Assistant cadre. These would be reviewed below.

The Superintendent cadre category

This rank of the Nigerian customs consists of the senior ranking officers of the assistant superintendent of customs.

  • You have to fall under the age bracket of 18-30 years in order to apply for this cadre/ category.
  • You have to present your bachelors degree certificate or the HND equivalent from a valid higher institution in Nigeria.
  • You have to also possess an NYSC discharge certificate.

Inspectorate Cadre

This category of the Nigerian customs consists of mid-level officers of assistant inspectors of customs.

  • Like the above reviewed cadre, as a graduate, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in HND.
  • You also need to have a valid NYSC discharge certificate to be able to apply for this cadre.
  • If you do not have an NYSC discharge certificate, then you would need an exemption letter/ certificate.
  • As an applicant, you have to fall under the age bracket of 18- 25 years.

Assistant Cadre

This cadre consists of junior ranking officers comprising of customs assistant. They guide for graduate applicants, is same as listed above in other cadres.

The Functions Of The Nigerian Customs Service

The following are the duties the customs service owe Nigeria:

  • They monitor foreign exchange utilization
  • They are involved in general statistics for budgeting and planning.
  • They ensure that Nigeria is safe with their anti-smuggling activities.
  • They plan, research and enforce government fiscal policies.
  • The NCS help to process manifest on imported and exported goods in Nigeria.
  • They license and register custom agents.
  • They work in collaboration with other Nigerian government agencies to help ensure maintenance of ports and border stations.

How Much Do They Pay Nigerian Customs Officers?

The Nigerian customs is a para-military group that pays its workers well. Payment is usually done in accordance to the rank of the officers.

The average salary scale of a Nigerian  customs officer is ₦80,000. This figure in 12 months can sum up to ₦960,000. If you enlist into the Nigerian customs your salary scale on an average can be up to ₦40,000 per month. The highest salary earners of the Nigerian customs service are the inspector generals. The lowest pay however, goes to the inspectors.

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