How To Enroll For SAP Training In Nigeria

SAP training in Nigeria

What is SAP?
The full meaning of SAP is Systems, Applications & Products. SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world based in Germany. SAP like Microsoft, has a wide range of products used by companies to integrate within all areas of a business.

All areas of a business can be managed with SAP. Whether it is planning, manufacturing to sales, customer relations and financial records.

Since they offer versatility of products, SAP SE provides training to interested prospects who would want an opportunity to serve as SAP consultants or work for companies that uses the SAP software.

You may also need the SAP training as an IT person because most of the changes in the IT world come from developments in SAP training courses.

The SAP training has been gaining momentum in Nigeria due to the demand for better information capturing, accessing and data storage. But not everyone is aware of SAP. This article will help shed more light on SAP.

How Eligible Are You For SAP training in Nigeria

Getting a SAP training and certificate is not open to everyone. You would need to be a scientist or a Graduate with an HND, B.Eng, B.Sc, or have completed any Masters Degree to qualify to get a SAP training and certificate.


An experience in a specific field may be necessary as an added advantage. For example, experience in SAP training and certification in Accounts or Sales and Purchase.

Below is how to enroll for SAP training in Nigeria and how to get certified.

Getting a SAP training and Certification

  1. Choose the type of SAP course or module that you would like to be trained in. There are about a hundred or more different courses/modules available. Some of them are- SAP Project Management, Financial Consolidation, Master Data Configuration, Business Intelligence, CRM User Interface, CRM Marketing, and Process in Manufacturing Execution,  Configuration of Demand Planning and Change Management among others.
  2. Find and register with a training center nearest to you for the necessary hands-on training. Some of the centres from which offer such include:
Name Website Email Telephone
Uranium Technologies 08057766041
SAP Africa (Pty) Ltd-Nigeria +234094611481


Career SAP 07060490430
Remoik Training & Consulting 0818 717 2025

0818 717 2025

YEP Nigeria   08087028641

However, to get certified, you would have to take the SAP examination at their site or at any other designated site to maximize the opportunities that a SAP certificate can get you. Good luck.

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