How To Eliminate Blogging Stress

Blogging is always fun especially when you have ideas to write on. It is also stressful as you are always under self pressure to deliver good and unique articles to your readers as you hope and fight for a good SEO ranking. Most times, we bloggers suffer from writer’s block which is the inability to organize ideas or even a lack of ideas to write on.


A fellow blogger once told me that whenever he feels the stress of blogging, he just does other social things like playing football, having fun with friends or even going to church. Honestly, I also tried them and I got positive results and so I thought I should share them with you on how to eliminate blogging stress.

5 Easy Solutions To Eliminate Blogging Stress

Do Exercises

Regular exercise is something that most bloggers shy away from. They spend most of their time on their computers finding ideas, typing articles, doing all sorts of stuff without having time to exercise their brains and body. Mental exercise like playing chess, scrabble and physical exercises like aerobics, push-ups, e.t.c can help eliminate blogging stress.

Manage your time properly

Let’s face reality, bloggers hardly sleep, me inclusive. We love what we do and spend most of our time writing or typing articles overnight especially when the inspiration comes but these things affect us on the long run. We should learn how to set aside time for writing our content if we must blog. I decided to dedicate three hours of my time to write one or two articles, depending on my schedule so that it will not conflict with my job. Sleeping early and rising early should not be overlooked by bloggers.

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Be Social Hungry

Trust me, not all bloggers fits into this category but since I took blogging serious I had to join the crowd. Spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes doesn’t mean you are social. You just have to learn how to mix. Make friends with people around you. When you are short of ideas to write on, why not go see an old friend, spend time with him or her, or go to the cinema and watch a movie to clear your head out. This would help reduce the mental stress of not having ideas to write on.

Indoor games and Outdoor games

Can you play table tennis, football or basketball? Do you have games on your mobile phones, tablets or computers? If you do, I suggest you should engage in such when you run short on ideas as a blogger. Indoor games as such, help to refresh the mind. Whenever I feel stressed out from blogging, I either play table tennis with small children and friends or I play games on my tablet just to free my mind.


Read A Book

Are you aware of this popular saying ‘reading makes a man’. I found out that the habit of reading has declined drastically among youths and even bloggers respectively. Excess exposure to third screens can hamper both the eyes and mental health. Blogging Ideas are found in books and books are everywhere. Why not visit a library and look for a book on that niche your blog is all about. You would be surprised as you would see tons of ideas to write on.

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Do you have other ways to eliminate blogging stress that is not listed above, you can share it with us through the comment section as we would love to hear from you also.



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  1. Bright Udubor

    Thanks… Really Helpful Tips.. I am a victim of the overnight writing and editing, I wake up the next day feeling empty. Now I know why.

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