How To Book & Get Cheap Flights In Nigeria

Are you looking for cheap flights and air tickets in Nigeria? Then you are on the right page. An easy way to get cheap flights in Nigeria is by checking with all the carriers in Nigeria.

The above method might be stressful but a smart and easy way is by using It takes care of all the hard processes of scanning across the websites of the various airline carriers in Nigeria and would show you the result with the respective prices of these carriers.

To access TravelStart,  go to their website here and you would see on the home page a section were you would be presented with the option of selecting your flight option -either one way or return flight.

Select your option then enter your the departure city

Next you select your arrival city

You Select the date

Select the type of traveler -Adult, Teen, Children or Infants and the number of travelers.


You can click on “Search” button or further streamline your search by also entering:

Preferred Airline

Preferred Cabin Class

Flexible Ticket option

You Finally click on the green “Search” button.

It would present you a list of available flights for the date selected and a list of the different carriers sorted from the cheapest to the most expensive.

To book your preferred option, click on the “continue button” by the carrier to finally complete your booking.

With this method, you can always compare and get the most affordable flight ticket in Nigeria with ease. Hope this information helps

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