How Much Is Washing Machine In Nigeria Currently?


How Much Is Washing Machine In Nigeria Presently?

Whether you’re a bachelor or a single lady, or you just got married, you will agree with me that sometimes, manually washing your clothes can be stressful especially when you have a lot to wash and you want to save time. This is when you should be thinking of owning a washing machine if you have the means to afford and maintain the washing machine.


Washing machines eases stress and saves time for other things to be done. In Nigeria presently, owning a washing machine could be a little bit challenging due to the present economic situation facing the country but if you can afford it, go for it.

So what is the cost of washing machine in Nigeria currently? 

The price of washing machine is different from manufacturer to manufacturer and the capacity. That said, the current price of washing machine in Nigeria is between the range of $150-$200 (N60,000-N80,000). There are even cheaper washing machines, but their durability cannot be guaranteed and there are highly sophisticated washing machines designed with cutting edge technology but that could cost more than the price the average Nigerian can afford. 


The benefits of having a good washing machine far outweighs the money spent on buying one as washing machines tend to last and save you time from all that stressful manual washing. It’s hightime you bought one.


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