How Much Nigerian Banks Pay their Workers, Entry Level

banks-in-nigeria-nigerian-infopediaThe banking sector in Nigeria is one place graduates would love to work because of the notion that they are among the highest salary paying organizations in Nigeria. Well, I would  not rate them too high because as far as salaries are concerned, they are never stable. How much Nigerian Banks pay their workers differs according to bank type, performance, educational qualification, financial capability and other factors.

Please note that no matter how strong or financially buoyant banks in Nigeria are, Nigerian Banks salary cannot be compared to that of Oil Companies in Nigeria

Below are what some banks pay their staff in Nigeria.

1. First Bank

First Bank is the oldest Bank in Nigeria and it is no surprise that they are reliable in paying their staff high salaries. With its many recorded achievements in the Banking Industry, First Bank pay their entry level staff between N110,000 to N150,000 monthly but increases after you are being confirmed.


2. Zenith Bank

Another bank that is stable and reliable in Nigeria is Zenith Bank. They pay their entry staff about N110,000 monthly, totaling about N1,320,000 per annum. Also, salary tends to increase upon confirmation.


3. Guarantee Trust Bank

GTB as it is popularly called or Guarantee Trust Bank is one of the most professional bank in Nigeria as they are customer friendly. GTB is one of the highest paying banks in Nigeria with the sum of N209,000 per month as salary for entry level staff.

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4. Fidelity Bank

Personally, I love Fidelity Bank, because they have achieved far better than most of the older banks in Nigeria that were in existence before them. The bank started as a Mortgage bank in 1988 before being a commercial bank in 1990. Fidelity pays their entry level staff N140,000 per month and are known for employing young graduates.

5. Skye Bank

Although not that popular like Zenith or First bank, Skye Bank is also one of the oldest banking institutions in Nigeria. For entry level employees take a home pay of N104,000 due to increase upon confirmation.

Other Nigerian Banks include:

6. Union Bank of Nigeria: N180,000 to N258,000

7. Diamond Bank: N240,000 but for trainees, N80,000

8. United Bank of Africa, UBA: N142,000

9. Key Stone Bank: N127,000

10. Central Bank of Nigeria: N122,000 plus other allowances


As I earlier stated, salaries of Nigerian Banks are subject to change so some of these figures may no longer be accurate due to the economic trend. Please if you spot an error in figures, help rectify it by using the comments below and we would effect the change as soon as possible.



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    Great keep it up.Do for doctors with diff specialty,region/state.

    1. ok, will see about that

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    thansk so much


    What of outsourcing how much are they paying

  4. ropo

    Banks are not paying again o, outsourcing are pay 40,000 in Skye bank and other banks

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    good job

  6. Why are u always concern about the graduate alone? Are there no undergraduate in the banking sector tell us how much the drivers, cleaners, office assistant etc are paid. Or u mean to tell me this category of workers do not contribute to the grwth of this banks? Let’s try ro be considerate for once in our bit to be realistic. We can’t be graduate in the country all abi? Thanks.

  7. What about the under graduate staff that work with the banking sector? And what about the out source staff? Or u mean to say they are not contributing to the bank growth? The cleaners,office assistant,drivers ETC

  8. Yohanna your point is noted, we will see about that, thank you for reading our posts and sharing.

  9. micosal

    What about Unity Bank Plc ET? I want to know if you are well informed. Their contract staff collects N56,000.00

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    The write up is not the reality

  11. a great job you did here sir. but please what’s the difference between outsourcing and entry level staff in banking sector?

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    From what i can see from central bank of Nigeria salary scale, other banks pay better but not the way nnpc pay their staff workers.

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    Nice one Sir, this is truely an amazing article. Banks in Nigeria are trying in terms of their salary structure

  17. Kenny

    Why can’t bank sector adjust age limit of applicant so that majority who are qualified with age constraint will not feel rejected as higher school admission offer might be the course of their age increment.

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