How I Changed My Tecno L6 IMEI Number Easily Without any Application

There are many articles on how to change Android IMEI number using mobileUncle and other tools but this post will show you how to change the device IMEI number without using any app or the need of an internet access.

Please note this disclaimer that changing your IMEI may not be fully acceptable in some countries. And so, I wont be held responsible for damages this IMEI changing guide on the Tecno L6 might cause your device. You are doing it at you own risk. And If you are ready to take the risk, let’s start-off.

1. Go to you Tecno L6 phone dialer and type  *#3646633#

2. Swipe your L6 device to the right and select CDS information


3. On the next page, select radio information and then select the phone you wanted to use. Either phone 1 or phone 2. I will use phone two for the purpose of this articleScreenshot_2016-01-16-03-05-14

4. For changing phone 1 and 2 IMEI. You put the following


Phone1: AT +EGMR=1,7,””

Phone 2: AT +EGMR=1,10,””

5. Put in the new BlackBerry IMEI you want to use on the device in between the two quote. Example, AT +EGMR=1,10,”35xxxxxxxxxxxxx“.  Note that there is space in between AT and and then click on send button to validate.

6, Finally, you have successfully changed your IMEI number. Wait for a confirmation message that you can use the Blackbeersubscription will display once your command has been sent.

Hope its very simple, that is how easy it is to change Tecno l6 IMEI number to BlackBerry IMEI number.

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    how do someone choose the new BB IMEI

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