Healthy Lifestyle that Eliminates Disease In the Body

You do not need to visit the gym to keep fit always or need to be a renowned Olympian or marathon runner or spend all the money in the world to maintain a sound health and a nice shape. There are simple yet cost effective steps that can help rejuvenate your body and give it that vigor and vitality it needs to maintain its youthful look. Some examples include; making exercise a routine habit, taking water often, eating fruits and vegetables always and lastly avoiding meat and excess sugar.


These cost effective steps can be done by virtually anyone and when applied, on the long run you would live a healthy life style or to reduce the risk of having diseases in your body. Below are some of these steps:

Avoid these “killer foods”

There are certain killer foods which we must try and avoid in sustaining our health. These foods are not health friendly and causes us different kinds of health related problems on the long-run and according to Dr. Malkmus, he warned against them. He described them as killer-foods that should be avoided at every opportunity. They include meat of any kind, refined sugar, white salt, white flours, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. Blessed is he or she who abstains from all these, a sure healthy life awaits such person.

It’s no news that we all at least have one or two of these killer foods within our meals but they are really dangerous to the body. Excess intake of sugar for example causes low sperm count in men, not to talk more of the diabetes and other sugar related diseases it brings. Honey should be substituted for sugar instead. Meat on the other hand when taken in excess putrefies or decays within the body and causes bacteria growth that can affect the intestine and liver. These are just few examples that some of these killer foods can do when taken in the body.

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Make Exercise a habit

Daily exercise is important, if you want to maintain a healthy life-style. According to my understanding of exercise, anything that you do with your body that involves movement and makes you sweat is exercise. Most people do not exercise their bodies. They wallow in the use of technology in satisfying their day to day needs. They hardly walk, but patronize their cars or even public transport. They cannot even jog a little distance. Movement or better still trekking is exercise. When you move from point A to B and sweat, you have just burned out some fats or even sugar from your body that you probably didn’t even know about. Forget about the lifter and use the stair-case, it would pay you off on the long run. Exercises like stretching the body can also help your joints maintain its flexibility so as not to wear out easily.

Take in water as often as you can

Water or vegetable juices, not coffee, not tea. Water is as essential as exercise as it keeps your body hydrated all the time. Water has numerous and invaluable benefits to the body system and God have made it a free gift that it is everywhere. Research has it that daily intake of water reduces one’s risk of having cancer related problems. Water helps to wash away unwanted toxins and chemicals from the body system, balances our body fluids, improves our digestion and even helps in weight loss.


A doctor advised me at a certain time that taking fifteen glasses of clean water is essential for every young male if you want to lower the risk of prostate cancer that affects men at ages 45-50.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

This is something I noticed that we do not take into consideration while trying to maintain a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are natural vitamins and minerals that produce anti-bodies that help fight against diseases in the body. Fruits like tiger nuts, aid digestion, orange gives the body vitamin C, and apple gives vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Pumpkin leaves gives iron and so many others. Making vegetables and fruits primary in our diet does a lot of good to our bodies. It helps our bodies heal itself. These fruits are natural and so they aid in strengthening the immune system, maintain blood sugar levels, cleanse the body system and increase youthfulness. Fruits should not be only taken as a periphery but as a primary diet if you want to maintain a healthy life style.

So, my final advice is to put these methods to the test, if you know you do not want to spend your wealth finding cures to certain things you can avoid at this stage. Remember that health is wealth and whatever you eat determines a lot if you want to remain healthy. Wish you luck and always stay healthy.


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