Health Benefits of Garlic

To me, garlic is just one medicinal plant with so many health benefits too awesome to be ignored. To some people, it is just a spice they add to their food for it taste and aroma. To others it is just that allergic onion that upsets their well being. Yet, we have a few that had discovered garlic as an onion with such great medicinal properties that is so awesome to had been left out of their meal plan. This article would centre on the discovery of this last group and discuss the health benefits of garlic so you can start seeing it as more of just a spice and begin to see it as a great medicine.


Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a member of the Allium family, related to it is the onions, shallots and leeks. This plant is grown all over the world strictly for it medicinal and cooking properties as far back as the ancient civilization periods. This had been well documented by these early people and it had survived till date and would continue to survive. The main source of it medicinal properties is the sulphuric compound contained in it know as the Allicin. This compound is also responsible for the unique smell garlic possess.

Below are the Health Benefits of Garlic

1. Garlic strengthen the immune system

Garlic improves the functionality of the immune system which then fights common sickness like chest infection, common cold and flu. An old home remedy to cold is to eat a clove of garlic dipped in honey. This had proven helpful to many and it wouldn’t be different if you decide to try.

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2. Garlic can reduce blood pressure

One of the health benefits of garlic is it ability to reduce blood pressure. As it is already known, high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke. These two diseases are known to be killer diseases so by controlling and subsequently reducing the blood pressure, a person with high blood pressure is redeemed from such sicknesses.

3. It aids in the Detoxification of heavy metals


At high dose, this had been proven to be one of it health benefits. The Allicin in garlic provides protection against damaging of organs by heavy metals in our body. A study was carried out on workers in a car battery plant using garlic and it shows a reduction of about 19% in the lead level in their blood. This also reduced the symptoms of toxicity such as headache.

In another study, three doses of garlic each day even outperformed the drug D-penicillamine in symptom reduction.

4. Garlic is highly nutritional

This list wouldn’t just be complete without adding this one. Garlic is highly rich in Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Fiber, calcium, potassium, copper iron, phosphorus as well as Vitamin B1 among other nutrients.

Interestingly, with all these nutrients, it is low in calories making it a good choice as you never need to think about taking in excess calories.

5. It improves the cholesterol levels

This is particularly helpful for those with high cholesterol level as garlic is known to reduce the total and LDL cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. It had not been proven to reduce HDL cholesterol and this is good since it isn’t harmful to us.

6. Garlic acts as an antioxidant

This is one of the importance health benefits of garlic as it contains certain antioxidants which help protect our cells from cell damage and ageing caused the oxidation of free radicals.

Now, with it combined three properties, it had been said to prevent brain diseases like the Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. These three properties include reducing cholesterol levels, blood pressure and it antioxidant properties.

7. Allicin in garlic possess a great potent medicinal properties

Allicin as stated earlier is the sulphuric compound contained in it that is responsible for most of it health benefits it possess. This had proven to combat some fungal and bacteria infections.

8. Garlic reduces fatigue

Garlic had been hypothesis in lab animals and people with heart disease to reduce fatigue level and increase performance. For now, no proven effect had been mentioned for healthy people.

9. Garlic could improve bone health especially in women

Garlic had been said to have the potentials of increasing the oestrogen level in women especially in their menopausal years.

10. Garlic taste delicious

Yeah… Yummy, I just had to add this as the last on our list of health benefits of garlic though it is not directly related to health but of course, the delicious taste and nose catchy aroma it possess makes it a spice to always add to your meal.

Note: This is a general note on the excessive consumption of garlic. It could have damaging effects on your health if you take it in excess dose.

We had come to the end of this article on health benefits of garlic and it is now your own time to share with us what you think about garlic. Use the comment box below.


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  1. faustina

    Garlic strengthens the immune system and it is medicinal,it reduces blood pressure and it is highly nutritional(27)

  2. chukwuma amarachi sonia

    Garlic is strong medicinal spice it have somany advantage and should not be neglected thou it has a very strong aroma but it helps alot in our health condition

  3. Obiora Onyinyechi Anita

    Now I know that excessive garlic in the body damages the health (65)

  4. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Garlic ,just like other medicinal fruits, has its health benefit, as it strengthens the immune system by constant taking.

  5. ginger is indeed medicinal and it does a very great work in our body… nice article(082)

  6. chukwuma amarachi sonia

    Garlic is a strong medicinal spice that should not be neglected thou it have a strong aroma but it helps alot in our health condition (111)

  7. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Garlic like other medicinal fruits has its health benefit,which includes immunization of the body system, by constant taking (100).

  8. Martins sandra(quiz no.. 60)

    thanks alot for the update…..Garlic is really powerful and helpful for human health.

  9. Ezenwajiugo somto prosper

    how do we prepare it for weight it by eating it raw or loving this blog (43)

  10. Obiasor Helen

    Educating people on health is needful(106)

  11. esther .o.Dibia

    to me garlic is better taken as in form of a medicine than as an ingredient(71)

  12. health Story (075)

    Health story. for a very long time Garlic has been a health relive to many sickness but to the bones. it helps reduce fatigue and other health challenges .it tastes nice

  13. okeke cynthia

    Wow! This article has enlightened me more on the benefits of garlic. I was ignorant of this before. Quiz no 102

  14. onwusereaka rejoice kelechi

    garlic essential medicinal plant that is important to all age grade used in boosting immune system and fight diseases(103)

  15. garlic is indeed a medicinal plant that cures many diseases like high blood pressure(18)

  16. Nwufo

    Garlic has a very good effect in our health, it is uedd to reduce fat, bone problem, stomach and others.
    health news (109)

  17. This article has disclosed the health benefit of garlic (68 )

  18. Nigeriainfopedia

    Garlic is is an old remedy for strengthens the immune system when taken regularly.Health story. (88)

  19. Garlic is an essential medical plant is good for people and it boost the immune system government should create seminars which would educate the people concerning the work of garlic so it would be able to improve the health issue of the country (12)

  20. Oguejiofor Sochima Bernard (95)

    Garlic- a humble ingredient that not only will spruce up your meal but also rev up your health.

  21. Garlic is good to our health
    It helps in fighting bacteria in our body

  22. Garlic-a humble ingredient that will not only will spruce up your meals but also rev up your health.

  23. it is a medicinal plant that can cure many sickness Nigerians should try to stick to this (011)

  24. Interesting facts… would help boost the health standard of Nigerians.

  25. Interesting would help boost the health standard of Nigerians.
    Quiz no:(04)

  26. Garlic is medicinal(66)

  27. Garlic is indeed a good medicinal plant that cure diseases like high blood (18)

  28. Garlic is the best medicine which cures some sickness and would be advisable for people to use it (22)

  29. Garlic-a humble ingredient that not only will spruce up your meals but also rev up your health.

  30. 019

    Garlic is a medicinal plant that has nutrient

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