Health Benefits of Consuming Fish Regularly

Taking fish frequently, at least two times a week is very good and healthy for the body. It plays a vital role in protecting the body from different types of diseases.


Fish as an aquatic animal very rich vitamins and minerals that help the body fight against diseases. Fishes such as mackerel, crab, lobster, shellfish, sardines and many other are so nutritious and should be consumed by individuals on regular basis.

Below are 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Consuming fish regularly

1) It Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases: Intake of fish improve your chances of not getting heart problems such as cardiovascular diseases. In the sense that it lowers the fats in the blood. Also oily fish which contains omega 3 fatty acid helps in reduction of blood clothing and abnormal heart rhythms.

2) It prevent Brain Damage and Lower the Danger of High Blood Pressure: The presence of unsaturated fatty acid normally found in various fish prevent brain damage and it also lower the risk of High Blood Pressure (H.B.P)

3) It Lowers Cancer Risk: Eating fishes such as crab, lobster, shellfish can also help in reducing the risk of having cancer. Because these fishes listed above contains selenium which according to studies show to have cancer fighting properties.

4) Ease Depression and Lower Asthma Risk: Consumption of fish can help ease depression in adults while children who eat fish regularly hardly develop asthma.


5) Help Diabetes Patient and Pregnancy Women: consuming fish regularly by pregnancy women is good for their health as it reduces the danger of having a premature baby during delivery and can also help maintain the blood sugar level of individual with diabetes.

Finally, consuming fish regularly has more advantages, but it is also very important not to eat fish that is high in mecury because too much of mecury in fishes like shark, swordfish, gem fish and many more should be avoided, most especially by pregnant women and children normally between the ages of 1- 6 years.

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