The Harmful Effects of Excessive Deodorant Spray

We all know that Deodorants are very important in the lives of teens and adults. They are personal care products that most people use everyday but if used abusively, indiscriminately, non-challantly, the health effects of deodorants can be really serious.


Deodorants are very good at helping to reduce and mask body odour and keep a person fresh throughout the day or throughout the duration of the time its fragrance lasts.

But just like so many other beauty products, it is important to state that deodorants also bring along with it certain side effects. Deodorants contain chemicals in them such as the likes of triclosan and aluminum which have the ability to cause many health problems.

Products containing aluminum should not be used for a long period of time because they can cause many side effects on body. Therefore you must reason carefully before making judgement on which deodorants to use as there are many which bring along with them many dangers to your health.

How does body odour come about? One may ask. Body odour occurs when sweating.

The sweat combines with bacteria whose habitat is on the skin. Once the body has been disturbed by the ugly smell from perspiration, there is this urgent need to take a bath and apply deodorant or if you do not have access to a bathroom, you just simply excuse yourself to a quiet place and apply deodorant to keep you fresh.


Deodorants contain antiseptic agents which make the skin more acidic while applied on the skin so they prevent the growth of bacteria in the parts that sweat extremely.

Deodorants mostly control body odour and not necessarily sweating. Although there are deodorants that contain antiperspirants which can help to greatly reduce excessive sweating.

Deodorants contain triclosan and aluminum in small amount but they can affect the health if they are used for long period.

Triclosan is used in deodorants to achieve antibacterial properties. Triclosan utterly destroys both good and bad bacteria in the body. Triclosan produces dioxin and chloroform which are well known cancer-causing agents (carcinogens). Aluminum Chlorhydrate is used in the form of salts and complexes in deodorant. Aluminum Chlorhydrate can cause Alzheimer’s and brain disorders as well as breast cancer. Deodorants are often sprayed below armpits that are very close to the breasts so aluminium gets inside the skin and imitate oestrogen.

Oestrogen develops the causes of breast cancer and it is also unsafe for mental disorders such as Alzheimer. In Alzheimer affected brain, aluminium also leads to plaques and tangles. Neurological and respiratory problems can also be caused by high levels of Aluminum. These deadly chemicals are inhaled with the inhalation of the fragrance. Death can be caused due to extreme inhalation.

Health Effects of Deodorants 

1. Skin Irritations and/or Infections 

Excessive Deodorant Spray can cause bacterial or fungal infections which results in underarm lumps or cysts. Never spray deodorant if the skin is broken, injured that is to say, or already infected. Excessive use of deodorants should be avoided as it can cause skin irritations or infections.

2. Cancer

The chemicals such as aluminum, parabens, triclosan and propelyn glycol are cancer causing ingredients in deodorants that causes breast cancer. In the body, these chemicals lead to oestrogen-like behavior. Oestrogen hormone develops the causes of breast cancer in women.

It is advisable to moderate the way you use deodorants to avoid certain health issues. Be sure to spray deodorants in well aerated rooms where there’s free passage of oxygen. Do not spray deodorants in enclosed rooms devoid of ventilation. You might inhaled large doses of poisonous substances in the fragrance of your deodorant. Finally, use deodorants without aluminum to reduce these health hazards

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