8 Guys Secrets Every Lady Must Know

Below are 8 secrets of guys every lady entering into a relationship should know or must be aware of:

1. Guys know their priorities, so if he is always “too busy” each time you need his attention, he probably doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

2. A guy who beats you doesn’t deserve you. Please don’t be deceived. Such guys after beating you will beg you with tears, take you to shopping and become more nice for the moment yet he will beat you again.

3. They get threatened when you are more makulit (or playful in a good way) with other guys than with them, it makes them feel insecure and conclude you are not serious with them.

4. A guy is in love with you when your name always come up in his conversation with other people consciously or by accident.

5. They like girls that gives them hard time. They some how trust and respect them because they know they are not cheap.

6. If he demands $ex to cement the relationship, he wants to use and dump you like he dumped others. Guys who are in such a hurry to do it are heart-breakers, once they succeed they will evaporate and leave you to suck and lick your emotional wounds. Ladies be wise.


7. If a guy cries in front of you, at most times he is not serious as he’s just using the drama to get your sympathy.

8. Guys love girls who are great with kids because if you can be patient with a three-year old, then you can definitely put up with them. Remember men are big babies.

9. They like it when you show them off to your friends it means you think they are completely worthy of you.

10. Guys love getting early morning phone calls from you even if it disrupts peaceful slumber.

11. If he doesn’t call you in a week, it means he is no longer interested in you. Don’t waste your time analyzing his motives or making excuses for him. Men know the game better than you think.

12. When a guy embarrasses or always put you down before others, he doesn’t love you. Don’t wait for a prophet to tell you.

13. Guys are naturally jealous so it is with ladies.

14. If you want to win his love, make him feel important as if he is the best guy on earth. Treat him like a hero and he will always make you his queen.

15. When he genuinely sacrifices his personal comfort for your comfort, don’t leave him, he loves you.

16. When you receive his praise only in the bedroom and not in public, he is ashamed of you. I’m sorry.

17. No matter what he tells you if he cannot confidently introduce you to others, it is a warning signal to expect the worse.

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