Guidelines In Filling the DS-160 Application Form In Nigeria

For Nigerians, including children who wish to apply for a U.S Visa, you would have to fill the DS-160 application form. This form will have to be filled and submitted online before to your interview at any of the U.S mission houses(Embassy or Consulate) in Nigeria.

Also required of the applicant before booking for an interview, is the barcode number on the Form DS-160 confirmation page. The DS-160 form has to be submitted online while the printed confirmation page must be brought to the interview.

According to rules in filling the DS-160 form, the Embassy or Consulate, you will not be allowed for an interview if:

  • You do not come with the DS-160 Form confirmation page.
  • You come with a hand-written or typed application(s)

Make sure you answer all questions and information correctly, as applicants who provide wrong facts could be rendered ineligible to enter the U.S.

If you have any question or inquiries about completing the DS-160 Form, check this website-–online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/frequently-asked-questions.html. as all questions are comprehensively addressed.

Also note the following Guidelines below when completing the DS-160 Form

  • Unless when you are expected to provide your full name in your native alphabet, answer all other questions in English using English-language characters only
  • The interview post which was selected at the beginning of the Form DS-160 must be the same post where the applicant scheduled for his/her interview appointment.
  • Your online session will expire If you stop working on the Form DS-160 application for more than 20 minutes. You might be required to repeat the process, unless the applicant have recorded his/her Application ID Number or saved the application as a file on your computer. If you need to close the browser, it is advisable that applicants write down the Application ID displayed on the top right-hand corner of the page on the screen as you will need to provide this Application ID to continue your application.
  • The completed DS-160 application form will generate an alpha-numeric barcode confirmation page. This  printed confirmation page is required for the interview at the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Once the barcode confirmation page has been printed, the applicant should hit the “Back” button on his/her web browser and then email himself/herself a backup copy of the DS-160. The emailed file will be in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat to view or print.
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