GOTV Nigeria Customer Care Number and Contact Details

GOTV Nigeria Customer Care


One of the best and cheap paid satellite TV offered by Multichoice apart from DSTv for Nigerians is GoTV. Although, GoTV is fair considering the fact that you can watch some quality channels on it, there are still other technical problems that can be encountered by the users of GoTV in Nigeria.

If you are looking for information on how to contact GoTV Nigeria through their twitter handle, website, email or support line, then you are on the right page as I will reel out their contact details below to reach them easily.

Contact Details for GoTV Nigeria Customer care

GoTV Nigeria Email:

GoTV Twitter Account:

GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number: 08039044688

GoTV Nigeria Website:

GoTV Facebook Account:

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  1. Comment:I subscribed twice today 16th November #1900 and #1350 pls help to return one out of the 2thanks.

    1. Hello please, I subscribed my gotv account on Monday 2 August 2021, but uptill now it’s not working. And my account was blocked because of long time subscription, please what should I do, this is my ICU number: 4613136929.

  2. I subscribed 2500 on 7020929046 on my gotv yesterday night. Up till on is not working..

    1. Kindly connect my bouquet plus. I paid #1900 yesterday 24th December 2019 at one of your accredited dealers shop in Ijebu ode Debby communication.
      My IUC number is 4622495941 with the name Triple T Crown.
      Kindly activate my bouquet plus now.

      1. Comment:
        hello please I subscribed my gotv yesterday until now it isn’t working. my iuc code is 2028981899. kindly activate my bouquet.

        1. Hello please I subscribe twice on my gotv and still not working since yesterday. Iuc number is 7018818392, please be fast about it

    2. I recharge my goldtv today but it’s not showing IUC NO 7017643849

  3. Pls I subscribed today ,and I was told my account was supended when I already subscribed,pls I need correction on this

    1. I recharge Gotv yesterday with iuc number 2018715777 and it is not working since yesterday

      1. OGBANSIEGBE Elizabeth And John

        I recharged my go to 7032088290 yesterday but it is still not on

    2. I loaded twice, 3600, 3600 and it’s not still showing…. What should i do?

  4. Comment: I Wonder ooo, if someone didn’t recharge on the gotv they will be calling us to recharge .. we recharge now but we are not enjoying it, after this my subscription I will switch to My DVD player , that one don’t dissapoint… is this how u will be doing during December wen someone we have visitors?

    1. Good morning, please have not been to watch my gotv eversince I recharge on the Thursday last week I went to their centre they run a check on it and it showed there but in my house it’s saying no signal…iuc no 2020962318

  5. I recharge my gotv yesterday but is come up seen.
    This is my iuc 7023673565 and is not come up pls help me to connect it.

  6. Pls I recharge my gotv since 3days ago and yet still telling me suspended #1900……. 7037067757 pls find something and do very fast badmus taiwo

  7. I recharged since last two weeks, realized my account has been suspended.Pls rectify, IUC no:7031488836

  8. Comment:i recharged my gotv #1900 but am nt seeing channels for the paid amount my iuc is 4623565847 frm abj pls help me rectify yhis complain

    1. Pls I subscribed Gotv 3600 with the ref no 7032496698 and the customer complained that is not showing many channels as suppose.pls address this.thr customer is on my neck and refuse to leave my office untill is sorted out.

  9. Oluwatimilehin Ayeni

    My account has been suspended why? Have subscribe now for Gotv plus.

  10. Abiodun Oluwagbenga

    Good evening, Its been 2 years i recharged my GOTv and i want to start using it and recharge. can i still use it or what should i do ?

  11. Good evening, please I subscribe my house gotv yesterday but the transaction was mad twice 1900, please help me to refund one… Iuc number is:7036989473

  12. Good morning I make subscription on opay app but the decoder is not working 2029185852 and 2029109103 over 3 days to 4 days now decoder is not working and all my customer they are complaining about it

  13. Comment: please I mistakenly paid into another gotv account can it be reversed

  14. I subscribed for Gotv #1900 on this date 18/12/2019..But I was told my account was suspended. ICU code is 4613858027.

  15. Comment:pls i make payment on 4601724474 but it still blocked.

  16. I recharged my gotv yesterday 20th December,2019 but its still showing E16
    2017311156 my Iuc number,please this should be attended to.thanks

  17. I paid twice on gotv max,and is still not working,one with quickteller the other with my access bank.l only wanted to recharge once it was mistake from network who told me error not knowing that I had been debited on the one with quickteller,l honestly need my remaining 3200 how can I get it back and what I paid for is still not working….

  18. My phone number 07069522733 and my gotv ime number 7028717891

    1. I recharged my gotv today for 1900 and my account has been suspended All efforts to get to customers care lines proved abortive as the calls were merely dropping. My IUC is 2028723424

  19. I was suspended and I recharged #1900 UIC no 7020934300 pls connect me back

  20. Comment:I was suspended also and I have recharge 1,900 pls connect me back. IUC2014286776

  21. Comment:my name is blessing a subcribue access for a friend 2000 since last week Friday .nothing is showing still help.7016731306

  22. Comment:Am a new on gotv but I have finished free. And I was try to subscribed 400# to confirm and it not working please connect me. I did it online

  23. Comment:card no:7037049441 help check it

  24. I recharged but the comment appeared that my account is suspended why?

  25. Gotv customers care I recharged 3200 but nothing appeared that my account is suspended. I have been receiving calls upon calls that I should recharge now you’re showing blank screen..

  26. I was suspended since yesterday night I loaded two 1900 here is my iuc numbers 2020776969 and the other one is 2028717989

  27. Ukpa Benadine Ifeyinwa

    I recharge my gotv since 3days and untill now is not showing

  28. I subscribe through my bank since yesterday and as not connected pls this is my iuc number 7032431578

  29. I subscribed my gotv #1900 yesterday 25december 2019,but till now nothing to entertain my guest,if I don’t sub now,una go want use call finish person.pls work my iuc number 2028621540.thanks

  30. Signal strength is 80% and signal quality 100%. But I can only get 44 channels after several scan. Its the 1900 package. What might have been the cause and how will be it be rectified?
    iUC 2017740117

  31. I subscribed on my Gotv account this morning but yet to display anything. #400 subscription, my IUC:7010243033

  32. I subscribed today and is not showing. Why is gotv always frustrating. My IUC number is 7023779505.

  33. I subscribed gotv (4622454101) 1900 on my mobile App since of 24th December and uptil now, nothing is showing and I was debited

  34. Comment: connect me back I subscribed my gotv yesterday 1900 twas iuc number 7018800881 and up till now is not working this is my phone number 08161861504

  35. I subscribe my gotv on 27th December,it’s not showing up till now.iuc nub 7032619802

  36. Alao olamilekan lawal

    Hello please i subscribe my gotv today ,it’s not showing like 3hours now.iuc 2028942894 pls help to find solution to it fast

  37. I subscribed seen 27/12/19 till now
    Have n’t gotten what I paid for
    Kedu ihe n’eme unu? di ayi(what is going on)
    My iuc number 2009541559.

  38. Comment:pls open my Gotv decoder,I wanted to reset but was reply that the account has been suspended… my IUC:7020834623

  39. Comment:please I subscribe my gotv iuc no 2005125182,today over 3 hours now nothing show,why,please find solution to it now.

  40. Nwaichi Ekele Emmanuel

    Please I subscribe my govt on the 4th Jan 2020 up still now is not working I paid for gotv jolly 1,900 it will expire on the 6th Feb.
    Iuc: 2005152273
    Please assist.

  41. My name iis edoreh esther, Iuc number is 2020756097, l made payment twice in November 2019, 11 and 12 November ,2019, one was successful while the one was not , l have been going to my bank, your have not refund my #1,900 back to my account, kindly check and do refund to my uba, 2104278549. Thanks

  42. I subscribed my gotv last night up till now is not working. 1300 for value package.Iuc 7026661142

  43. okpara ogechi Anita

    Comment: please help me upgrade my gotv to gotv max because i subscribe 3200 this morning but can’t have access to some channel,,this my iuc code2029026264

  44. I recharged my GOTV subscription yesterday only to discover that Channel 95 (Channels TV) has stopped showing. It displays a message-Invalid channel number. Please what is the challenge? Kindly rectify same immediately.

  45. What is actually wrong with Gotv… When you subscribe it will not automatically connect subscriber and also the so call Gotv customer center number is something else. Some time subscribers waste alot of call card in order to get Gotv staff to connect one.

    This is nonsense.

    I am a subscriber.

  46. Peace ifunanya Bright

    Pls I made a subscribtion for my mum since yesterday night til this morning nothing is working pls this is her iuc number 2029159821 from imo state ihitte,/uboma LGA thanks in anticipation

  47. I subscribed since yesterday evening 20th of January, till now nothing is showing, please connect me back. IUC No: 7031901489. Thanks.

  48. pls my gotv 2014363239 is giving me problém d booting is slow & its showing no service E48-32 searching 4 signal,I have being using it 4 more than 3yrs now,pls how can I fix d problem



    1. Like today, 07/01/2020, each time I rechard my Gotv IUC no. 4613845227, especially at night, all you do is suspend my account for up to three days. What’s is the meaning of this nonsense? This you dont do in your home coutry and I wonder why our govt. take this shit from you. Afterall you will still back date the expiration date to the date of subscription.

  51. Abdulraheem Yinka Sheriffdeen

    I subscribed 1900 to 4613344586 on my gotv yesterday night, up till now is not working, pls can you help me fix it

  52. Ilomuanya stephanie

    Hi ,I subscribed my gotv today through on.line and it’s not working .my IUC number is 7035301154

  53. I make a subscription of 1250 2 days ago with the Gotv app and I have been debited and your app is telling me my transaction was not successful after debited, my iUC number is7034969101, pls help me to fixe it

  54. Shitu Mufutau Aremu

    I made online subscription on my gotv UIC No.2019168532 through first bank some hours ago and my decoder is not working. Please check and activate .

  55. Hello please, I subscribed my Gotv yesterday 24th February, 2020 up till now it is not working. My IUC code is 4601798517. Kindly activate my bouquet.

  56. I subscribed my Gotv but is not working kindly activate it for me please. 7026539744 waiting please. I subscribed#1900 only. Good day

  57. I subscribed to Gotv but is not working. Can you please help me out please Iuc number 7026539744. I subscribed 1900 naira only. Good day.

  58. Babatunde Adejoke

    I subscribe 2400 on the 29th of February, but my gotv account isn’t working. It kept showing error E16, and that my gotv account has been suspended. This is my icu number 4620911959. Kindly help reconnect my account.

  59. Pls I recharged my Gotv on Tuesday which 2100 was debited frm my line on that day, few minutes ago I got another debit alert 🚨 of 1900 frm The service.
    Name Opeyemi Ibrahim
    IUC ‭4613519092‬


    My gotv IUC is 4613842304, I made payment on 4th March, 2020 and up till now all the channels are blocked. The payment reference number is 888800689735. On my Gotv mobile app it showing that my account will expire on 9th April, 2020. My account name is Solomon, Ezinwa Ike.

    Please kindly resolve the problem.

  61. Please am mistakely number one number on my gotv ..4601809262 my correct IUCN is 4601809263 I make a payment 1900please help me to do it please name Balogun Olamilekan

  62. My subscription for 7028715831 is to expire on the 4th of April 2020, but i did subscribe for another #1900 and the view days in my app is still not reflecting. WHY. My name is crown worukwo

  63. Mark peace- 7024091663 is my code

    Each time I subscribed, I don’t enjoy your services. It keeps cracking. Most times when I subscribe for gotv max of 3200 naira, I get only 10 channels which are useless to me. I’m experiencing that right now.

    1. Have you tried resetting your device

  64. Please i suscribe since 24th March 2020, Through ATM and My Account hás been Debited , Am Yet to View GOTV Channel and My Money did not refound, please help me look into it. MY IUC Number. 2018869158, Bollycruz.

  65. Good day, I subscribed for someone but the GoTv is not showing yet
    here is the details
    Account Name: MR ABIG ABIG
    SMART CARD NUMBER: 4613557224
    AMOUNT: 1900 {GOTV PLUS}
    DATE: 28/03/2020
    TIME: 8:12

    Please do something about it

  66. please do something, the person is on my neck

  67. I subscribed my GOTV on the 29th of March 2020 around 10:23 pm with the access bank mobile app and was debited and as I’m speaking the go tv isn’t working and I got no refund. This is happening the 2nd time . Can this be resolved immediately or I destroy the decoder. All my efforts to reach go tv customer care executive and that of access bank proves abortive. Am really furious at this and I want it resolve before I’ll report the case to the appropriate authority for breach of contract

  68. My iuc. Is 7032395288

  69. Tiamiyu wasiu Ayo

    Good afternoon, plz I subscribe since March 2020 through my Atm and my account has been debited, Said my gotv is suspended. My IUC is 7024121895 please do something

  70. Ogunleye Boluwaji

    My iuc number is 7010217522, subscribed with 1900 my account as been debited n yet it’s not working still the customer number isn’t going through… kindly resolve the issue ASAP please

  71. I subscribed my gotv yesterday (7/5/20) around 8:17 PM with union bank moblie app and was debited until now nothing show on my tv…pls help me out be4 I kill somebody….my iuc 2020857404

  72. Emeka Emmanuel ojiakor

    I paid since 5days now noting is showing 7035062106

  73. I subscribe yesterday 7/4/2020 using my UBA mobile apps uptil now I can’t watch, please help me do the needful

  74. You people should stop using gotv rubbish

  75. Babarinde Sola Kareem

    Good morning I just subscribe my gotv now 10/4 2020 around 8:13 with quick teller this uci 4622273707
    It was successful ref 889303794971 and up till now is not activated can some help

  76. I subscribed for my gotv on March 8, 2020, I subscribed 1250, so I did it two times that’s 2500 so I used the first subscription and now since April 8, 2020 the second subscription suppose to start working but is not working i have tried all my possible best but is not working. This is my IUC number 7034901074. Name Mr ibrahim. Kindly help me to resolve it ASAP.

  77. Pls I used to subscribe the 1900 Naira package
    So I decided to subscribe for jolli package which is 2500 Naira the channels are not showing anymore ..only 6 channels are showing.
    IUC NUMBER: 7028829964

  78. Subscribe 1900 on my gotv yesterday night, still now my channel are not viewing.
    Iuc number is : 7031926320
    Pls resolve my govt problem..

  79. Mrs Doyinsola Ajireba

    My name is Mrs Ajireba I subscribed 3200 yesterday on my iuc ,2019550289 and I didn’t have the full channel instead it brought like 10 channels . Please help me to rectify it, I need my full channels, even my favourite channels didn’t come up like starlife Ch. 23, sport channels, Al-Jazeera etc

    1. Good day ma, Have you restarted your device?

  80. I subscribed on my gotv yesterday 12of April 2020, and non of the stations have come up till now. I paid ₦1900 IUC 7023820992. Pls help me to do something about it.

  81. I subscribe gotv on April 15 to IUC number 4613746493
    It only show some stations like mzone3 and some other stations. On Africa magic and other channels, it read ”E16 _ service is currently scrambled. I sent a text to 4688, #10 was deducted and I am yet to get any feed back. This is happening the second time, the last subcription didn’t load at all, we had to subscribe twice and the first money deducted was not refunded. Please help look into it. The station is showing Channel 102, 111,18. 17 showed yesterday but today its not showing. We subscribe 1900. Please help fix Disney junior, jimjam, B4u and other stations o. Because for it to be shoeing others means we subscribe. Abeg o, e jo o. Help us fix am for this lockdown period make Boredom no come kill us.
    Thanks as we await your fast response
    Nseun wa o lede Ekiti
    E o ni daamu o

  82. Bamimeke Gbemisola

    On 12th of April I mistakenly subscribed twice ,I paid #1250 twice .This is my IUC 7017641306 . kindly help rectify this mistake and refund me .Thanks

  83. Pls gotv hlp me activate my decoder, i made subscription yesterday being 28 may 2020 with one of ur registred dealers 4613622386 but uptill now nothing is showing

  84. I subscribed Gotv plus of N1,900 today the 29th of May but got N1250 package. Please need this to be rectified: IUC Number . 7032601479.

  85. Odetoyinbo Basirat

    I used GOtv plus bouquet and just subscribe GOtv jolli bouquet in the midnight. Till now, I’ve not enjoy the value. Pls check….IUC no: 7035411258

  86. Please kindly rectify error message E39-E48. IUC 2016089279. Haven’t showed since two days since the last recharge of 1250 GOTV value

  87. Kindly reconnect me I made payment 1900 since 31st of may up till now is not showing, Mr Kotan Uche ,4623722275.

  88. Pls, what is wrong with GOTv subscription? I’m scared of subscribing to avoid transaction issue. I have done it once but thank God my money was later retrieved by my bank after 4 days. Gotv, tell us what is going on?

  89. Awotayo adebowale

    Please kindly reactivate my account
    Iuc number is 7034784580
    Package gotv value
    Name.. Awotayo adebowale
    Phone number is 08068783347

  90. Awotayo adebowale

    Please kindly reactivate my account
    Iuc number is 7034784580
    Package gotv value

  91. Pls I subscribe for 1700 yesterday but till now my account is still suspended kindly help rectify it.

  92. Blessing Maigari

    I recharge dis my gotv iuc number 7035307618 with jolli package 2460 since yesterday being 7th June 2020 and discovered my account has been suspended rectify pls

  93. Please kindly rectify, I bought the #1,900 package with ICU 2019546386, since June 8, yet to come up…
    Please treat as urgent..

  94. I feel one should reactivation should come on immediately your customer made payment.Its unfortunate that we have to keep calling before you lift suspension after paying on line.Pls I paid for my subscription and the service is still on IUC is 4613279888 .pls treat as urgent

  95. I recharge my gotv since June 18 ,2020, all thing now is still disconnect my decoder number 7028751684 name Gabriel Igoche 08084331694

  96. Pls activate my decoder, I paid for gotv jolly(I overpaid ₦1,7600
    IUC number 7035121030
    Please activate for me, I paid today around 6,30/7pm

  97. Udeogu isaac Elechi

    Pls help me to activate my gotv account, I have paid but nothing to show. Iuc number 2028725883

    1. I bought Gotv for a long time ago like 5 years ago I never subscribe and when I subscribe this year 2020, it didn’t activate. Please i need help

  98. Hello please help me I just reload my gotv and it showing few channels. I rescanned many times checked my antenna signal it 78-84%…and it am getting few channels please help me IUC no is 2028947139..

  99. I subscribe my gotv(4601428726) #2,500 with above number since last week Sunday up till date it as not show

  100. Account suspended .. I just paid this evening.
    My iuc is 7023988724

  101. I subscribe Gotv and it is showing acct suspended the IUC no is 4613136010 pls what shld I do

  102. Hello please assist been a while it has been used was in Abuja now am in lagos I just subscribed today over 6hours not working the one for 2460 it saying no signal kindly assist
    Iuc. No.4623772739

  103. Pls I just subscribe jolli instead of Max. Please how do I upgrade?? Assist please

    1. Best you call dstv customer care

  104. I recharged on my Gotv yesterday night and i was told to clear the error issue, i did but still not working. Please, help me to resolve the issue. My IUC 7018777426.
    Thank you for your cooperation at all times.

  105. Please, i made 2450 subscription
    Thank you.

  106. I just send an email to your box now. I subscribe my gotv since August and it seems there’s a mistake in one of d figures. I subscribe 2460 through my bank app, the mistaken ICU is 70320106040. While d actual one is 7032016040, please do something about it.tks

  107. Esumobi Okolocha Gilbert

    I subscribed to Gotv jolli , IUC No_2028576259 with N2460 on 17th August, 2020 and when I on the decoder it always show “E16—service is currently scrambled ” on the television screen. Please help to rectify the error. My phone No_ 07036161387.

  108. Esumobi Okolocha Gilbert

    Pls help to rectify the because I wasted about 17 view days. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

  109. Pls I subcribed for gotv jolli package at 2460 today but it was still showing the channels for 400naira package I did before and here is the gotv number. 2009508615 please kindly help me out

  110. Pls I subcribed for gotv jolli package at 2460 today but it was still showing the channels for 400naira package I did before and here is the gotv number. 2009508615 please kindly help me out
    Here is my phone number 08064631366

  111. Oguntola Temitope
    Pls I subscribed for Gotv jolli package at about 6:10pm but the channels is not show till kwon.

  112. Apostle Samuel Gabriel

    I want to change my the name that is on my glotv, from Ofopare Lucky to Apostle Samuel Gabriel, 7020891305,07037610490.

  113. Please I subscribed gotv bouquet and my gotv has not been activated 7028939857 here is my number

  114. Folarin ademola samuel

    I recharged on my Gotv yesterday night an it as not been load have been call Govt customer care but the number is not going this is my phone number 08166882086
    Iuc number 4613084960

  115. Pls I subscribe since 4th of september 2020 and it has not been activated and I called the costomer care and he said my account has not been credited pls help resolve the issue. Thank you

  116. Sorry here is my IUC number 2029097560

  117. Gotv people uv turn me to lier at my business center all Gotv I sub on no1 work as 28/09/2020 and the customer care Num u drop is not going, pls I need urgent attention cos I can’t control the anger of people at my shop now

  118. I subscribe since yesterday till now no channels show,IUC 2018717999

  119. I hope you people will respond to customers and save us running into the hands of scammers. Please activate my gotv now and stop giving me headache. My IUC is 2016024530

  120. Akinrimisoye olawale Thomas

    I subscribed my Gotv yesterday but thing is not working yet…ooo I paying it through my phone the iuc number 7035199245

  121. I subscribed yesterday, using my zenith bank Mobile app,,, till now it’s not working,, Iuc number 7034774147

  122. Good evening for three days now our gotv is not working what is wrong

  123. Bridget Agha chiebonam

    What is happening I subscribed since yesterday and it’s yet to come please do something coz it’s annoying my iuc number 7035012664

  124. I subscribed my gotv several months back it was not credited though I was called by a Repr that I should add more money that the package I wanted was not available at that time. I want to know my balance on my account and probably be credited to the package since I learnt its available now. My IUC no is 2016102069

  125. I sub on my gotv and it’s not showing

  126. I recharged my Gotv but the channels are not coming up.Here is my ICU(7023815730).

  127. I feel very bad because I subscribed #3600 plus #100 charges….pls activate my gotv decoder now is very important,here is my iuc

  128. I subscribed N800 on my gtv today it never work my iuc number is 4622775166

  129. good day ma/sir, i subscribe my Gotv yesterday which is on (21st Dec. 2020) and all the channels are block this is my IUC: NO. 752773053 i will be grateful if my request is being put in favorable consideration thanking you in advance.

  130. Good day sir/Madam. I just upgraded my subscription and it is still showing me the old channels, I would like you to help me upgrade it.
    IUC Number : 2029147153

  131. I subscribed now, but not showing , only showing account suspended, IUC 4613458780.
    Must I visit multichioce customer service before it can be resolved. please you people should help.

  132. Good day! Compliments of the season. I upgraded my gotv from smallie to jollie but it hasn’t come up. Icu (4601637225).

  133. I mistakenly reached to another person how can I get it back please

  134. I mistakenly subscribe to wrong gotv iuc number,my iuc number is 7036850021

  135. Hello … I made subscription for over 5days now…and it still wouldn’t come up….I did that through my mobile app (zenith)….
    Please help rectify…. IUC : 4601694361

  136. I subscribe my GOTV on 22th December, it not showing up still now, and the consumer care number is not going
    The iuc number is 7022459992

  137. Morning, on the 24 of this month I made a transaction of gotv jolly 2,460 sice then picture is not yet come up. IUC NO 7026467739, ADETUNJI KEHINDE, phone no 07031279809 tnks.

  138. Hello ……please the network has been bad on Gotv subscribed on 25th nothing is showing I can’t enjoy my subscription and this is festive period my IUC number 2022538730

  139. Hello please I subscripbed my gotv with the iuc number 4613783180 uptill now nothing is showing, kindly check your network please, thanks

  140. The network on my gotv always went very bad around 8pm till down please help me fix it I can’t watch my favorite show at night neither do I enjoy my subscription
    Please my gotv number is 7528091665 please help me with it please

  141. babarinde Sola kareem

    I sub on the 14th of dec 2020
    and now my gotv is telling am expired pls what is going 4622263705

  142. I rrcharged my gotv for one month and it was not successful and I repeated it via my bank mobile app and the was successful (1680 ) pls help if there will be a refund or taken for two months gotv number is 7525408453

  143. Green arenna (Ojebode adeyemi)

    I sub my govt today and is yet to display. The iuc number is 2004460633 with

  144. Gbadegesin Oluwasegun

    I subscribed my gotv since yesterday and is yet to display. The IUC is 4601584061. Kindly fix this for

  145. How do i pay for the gotv max 2999 because im at seeing 3600 online

  146. I sub my govt today and is yet to display. The iuc number is 4613467752 can you please help me activities asap

    1. Don’t get gotv again oh someone will will pay for it and can’t get too watch EPL matches ..what’s all this nonsense

  147. Pls I’m having this issue of upgrade on my Gotv,since yesterday.I was watching movie before a notice came and disabled my decoder from performance.a message that state’s Warning your decorder is running oldsoftware and need’s to be updated now,the notice also ensured that the upgrade would start in 0 seconds and take less than10minutes but since then till now then notice has refused to leave my screen and therefore has deactivated my decoder from functions,pls help me,, my sub is still on.iuc7028776490

  148. I just but my GOTV an is not working, what is showing is (E017-0:the decoder is not available for this channel. Please contact the GOTV call center for assistance) IUC7528425901 Please help me fix it

  149. Why is my gotv decoder writing no signal
    Why I use my neighbor decoder and test my antenna
    And is connecting, and my own is not working, why
    Please help IUC 7032140430
    Please help me oo, I can’t recharge because is not bring network, correct my decoder oo

  150. I subscribed gotv jolli and is not working

  151. Oladimeji gbenga sunday

    I Oladimeji gbenga is having problem with my gotv decoder ,IUC 2022390047.I travelled for 4year ago without subscribing on the govt, on getting back home, I was unable to subscribe to it again when I tried to subscribe.I noticed it has been sold to another customer Dolapo Olaseetan,phone no:08052908402

  152. I sub for my gotv yesterday night and till now is yet to be connected 70351262889 jamiu

  153. Please I subscribe Gotv Max #3600 and so many channels are not there ,like channels TV, super sports … correct and add the stations .
    Here is my IUC No:7028968915
    Cell phone no: 09070946661

  154. I sub my gotv since on the 12th this month now they tell me that my subscription has expired since yesterday, here is iuc no 4623352788

  155. Pls my Gotv is showing E017-0: The decoder is not enabled for this channel. Please contact the Gotv call centre for assistance. IUC No :4613528561

  156. My gotv is not showing though we have recharged

  157. Uhf channels were running so fast
    I can’t watch any channel

  158. I’ve been trying to subscribe on my gotv 7032438166, joli package, it’s not going through, whenever I do the transaction from my phone, the money will be reversed back to my account

  159. I subscribed for my gotv this morning and it has not shown yet please help me 7028944971

  160. I subscribe for my mom yesterday but some channels that she love watching is not showing . Please check and help us out. Good morning…7031979332

  161. i recharge my go tv on sunday from my mobile app an was debitted up till now not responding, my ICU7035397783. MY PHONE NUMBER 08032938075

  162. Please, anyone have gotv care number

  163. Good evening to Gotv please I recharge my Gotv trough my access bank account but it didn’t show me charnels please direct me IUC 7013534289 AKOSSI. My phone number 08065838921

  164. my decoder has not been working for the past 3 weeks. I have sent a Mail and what I got was that the decoder has been reset. I have done that but it did not solve the problem. Please I need the decoder to work
    IUC number is 7028762788

  165. Hi, I paid for a Gotv Joli subscription via USSD and up til now it’s not showing and I have been debated. Here’s my IUC: 7035176091. Many thanks.

  166. I bought new gotv last week on Friday take it to the house I try my possible best to make it work is not show any signals
    please help us out.
    my Iuc: 7552009379. many thanks

  167. Plz help me return Nickelodeon plz it’s my favorite

  168. I recharge my gtv max yesterday and some channel are not working saying invalid number till now. Can you please fix this issues

    1. Pls what is de problem with dis channel 16,25,72,29,31 dis channel has went off for like 3day now

      1. Pls i mistakely subscribed a forty gotv machine which iuc number is 7528353386, pls can it be revice back to the new gotv machine which iuc number is 7023800485, I will be greatful if it will be done. Thanks

  169. Henry Ikechukwu Awurum

    I recharged my GOTV MAX on 3rd of november but for the past 3days it has been showing only 47 channels. my IUC is 2002922914. Pls fix this issues. thanks.

    1. My iuc number is 2029183843 I recharged my GOtv on Saturday still not working

  170. Oyeniyi Olushola Ganiyu

    Please my gotv stop showing any channel 2days after I recharge for the past almost two weeks now.Please fix it for now….my iuc number is 703215809

  171. Please today is my birthday, please can you guy please give us some free channel except nta &ogtv please.

  172. Omotayo obebe Emmanuel

    Please you made me regrets each time I made payment on my gotv account

  173. We’ve subscrip since but not work… Pls help…… Iuc 4622317543 waiting for your reply

  174. We’ve subscrip since but not working… Pls help too

  175. Subcription done but not working since

  176. Edundokun David sola

    I do subscription since yesterday till now is not working pls help me out 7528010324

  177. I subscribe some hours ago 2460 an they debited me uptill now is not showing wat should I do

  178. I subscribe my go tv but the go tv didn’t subscription I don’t know the reason why sense yesterday 7036926534

  179. I subscribe my Gotv since yesterday up till now is still not showing up please help me
    Gotv number. 2029199252
    My cell number

  180. Hello please reply me as soon as possible
    I subscribed my gotv twice by mistake 2800

  181. Wrong subscription with the number 2028818769. The number we supposed to subscribe is 2028818796. With the name zonatex. Gotv Max #4150.

  182. Mine was showing my decoder running old software and need to upgrade but yet e never upgrade till now and I already subscribe thinking it’s been expired cuz I purchased it new UIC 8062346299

  183. Pls I recharge 2time in my gotv pls how can I get my remaining balance of 2800

  184. Good morning, I sub my gotv yesterday up to now is not working…..7032496282

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