Google Allo Messenger App: Features, Full Review & Download on Android & IOS

Google Allo Messenger App: A new chat app for Android and iPhone

Google Allo is the new chat app created by Google with new features for Android and iPhone users. It has come to stay after the slow dearth of Google Hangouts and is sure ready to compete with the likes of other popular chat apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Imo and the likes.


The features of the Google Allo app is somewhat cool as it has the basics of what a messenger app should contain. You would be able to chat and send messages with the Allo messenger app, share stickers, do group chats, send multimedia object such as pictures and videos, but what makes Google’s Allo messenger app different from WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger? You shall find out in the user review of the Google Allo app below and also where you can download the Allo app to install on your mobile device.

Google Allo Messenger App Features & User Review

My first impression when I downloaded the Allo chat messenger from Google Play store for Android was pretty basic. I knew Google were going to make this app easy and simple to download, install and use. Although they first released the Allo beta version for testing which was a success. Since I am a user of the app, below is a user review of the Google Allo Messenger Application.

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After installing the application, you would be greeted with Google Assistant for the first time when you open the application. Well, I simply ignored it as i wanted to see what cool features are contained within the Allo application. Accessing the menu of the app is from the left side of the phone screen which you have to slide to the right. The menu contains the blocked contacts option, general settings where you can fill in your profile information, choose chat notification sounds, the vibration settings, and other stuffs that are easily understandable.and .

Google added an interesting feature on the Allo Chat Messenger to make the chatting experience on the Allo messenger app easy and fun. It has the ability to suggest possible replies to your conversation; mostly greetings and welcome conversations. Another cool feature on the Google Allo chat app that comes in handy is the daily weather update and news of your favorite sport team which can be set to receive live feed updates on a daily basis based on your preference.

The inclusion of the virtual assistant just like the Sri for Apple IOS and Cortana for windows comes in handy with the ability to chat with you the user. You can ask it questions and get your response almost immediately, something other messenger app are yet to include in theirs. You can also set the virtual assistant to ask you questions about yourself and answering it for the app to learn more about you. Although, not all questions were answered correctly, but its addition is really a cool feature.


Another function of the Google Allo messenger virtual assistant is recommending places of interest when it detects some keywords when typed during a chat or conversation like restaurants, cinemas and hospitals e.t.c. This Google Allo virtual assistant sources for information directly from the Google search engine app, so you don’t need to minimize to carry out that function.

Are conversation on the Google Allo chat app secured?

If you are worried about privacy, note that all messages in Allo are encrypted. Allo provides an Incognito Mode, similar to Chrome browser, which means you get access to not just end-to-end encrypted messages. However, functions like expiring chats and personal notifications. You can for that reason keep message safe from spying eyes, you can control for how long they remain and completely delete them from your phone. This implies that not all messages are secured like in WhatsApp. Google wanted to provide options to users on which chats they want to be secured.

How to Use Google Allo App

Just like WhatsApp, Allo uses your telephone number, so that you could use it to send out messages to anyone in your phone contact – not restricted to Allo users. You can engage in a conversation or chat with anyone as long as you have their phone number and they, yours with Allo app downloaded on their mobile phones.

Where to Download Google’s Allo Chat Messenger App/Supported Devices

Google Allo Messenger App is only supported on Android and Apple IOS devices for now, but we expect google to look into other devices UI. The app available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For Android Users: Download and install Google Allo apk.
For Apple Users: Download and install Google Allo in IOS

Full Video Review of the Google Allo app (Android & IOS)


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