Goodluck Jonathan Biography & Net Worth

This post will expose the net worth of Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s former president and will also outline the achievements of Goodluck Jonathan while he was still in office as president. Note that before we answer the question on what is the net worth of Goodluck Jonathan, lets give a brief biography about him.

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan Biography

His names are Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. He was born on the 20th of November, 1957 in Bayelsa State. He currently holds a B.Sc. degree in Zoology, M.Sc. degree in Hydrobiology and Fisheries biology, and a PhD degree in Zoology from the University of Port Harcourt. HeĀ is happily married to Dame Patience Jonathan with two children. He is also a grandfather of two.

Goodluck Jonathan Political Career

Jonathan was a very lucky politician as his emergence as Nigeria’s president was believed to be divine by many. He was once a former deputy governor of Bayelsa state, then he became governor of Bayelsa state. He was selected to be the Vice president for the late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, before he became president prior to he death of his predecessor.

He conceded defeat after loosing out to Nigeria’s current president, Mohammadu Buhari in the last presidential elections.

Some of Goodluck Jonathan Achievements

1. He is the first sitting Nigerian president to concede defeat via a phone call.

2. He was the first Nigerian president to have rehabilitated Benin-Ore road after 20 years of neglect.

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3. He launched YOUWIN programme (Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria) on 11 October 2011 with the aim of creating jobs for people between the ages of 18 and 35.

4. He built nine universities, to accommodate the ever increasing number of admitted candidates.

5. He became the first president to revive the railway sector back to life by allowing private participation into the sector.

Goodluck Jonathan Net Worth

Goodluck Jonathan net worth was estimated based on his work as a lecturer, education inspector and politician. Goodluck Jonathan net worth is currently estimated at $500 million.



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