Glo Salary Structure: How Much Do Globacom Nigeria Pay Staff

This page contains GLO salary structure and scale in case you want to know how much GLOBACOM Nigeria pay its staff.


If you aspire to work for GLOBACOM Nigeria, it can also be a good way start your career in the telecommunications industry. Without doubt, GLO is Nigeria’s first indigenous privately owned network provider in Nigeria. It is owned by Mike Adenuga, one of the richest billionaires in Africa.

We shall expose how much GLO pays their workers in Nigeria, from the entry level staffs, specialists staff and even the managers working in GLO Nigeria whether their salary structure is worth the hype.

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Entry Level Staffs?

An entry level staff working in GLO is paid from N820 000 to N 1,100,000 per annum. You are also entitled to some allowances from the company.

How Much Do GLO Pay Its Specialist Staffs?

The Glo Salary Structure for specialist staffs is about N4,400,000 in a year and N370,000 per month. Compare MTN HERE

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Managers?

Aside from the normal basic allowances provided to workers in this company, GLO managers earns a salary of N8,250,000 per annum and N687,500 in a a month.


The above is the amount of money or salaries GLOBACOM pay to their staff monthly and yearly. So what’s your take on the salary structure of GLO Nigeria.

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