Glo Cheap Data Plan For Android: 3.2GB for N1000 & 7.5GB for N2000

Code to get Glo 3.2GB for N1000 & 7.5GB for N2000 for Android

For the record, it was GLO that made other network providers like MTN, Airtel and Etisalat repent from their data crimes and release cheap data plans. GLO had released their overload data plan which was a success and had many data  subscribers porting to GLO network.


This time, they have proved that they are really the grand-masters of data in Nigeria as they (GLO Network) have released a much more affordable plan for Android devices in Nigeria. This is still included in their overload data plans.

They have just added 1.5GB to the N2000 plan and 1.2gb to the N1,000 plan, and they also introduced 2GB+2.5GB on campus + N2000 airtime+500MB data for just N2000. Validity is one month and can be rolled over to the next month.


To get Glo 3.2GB for N1000, dial *127*53# and for 7.5GB for N2000 dial this code *127*55# or better still, dial *777# on your Android phone after recharging the said amount. Follow the instructions to buy any of the cheap GLO data plans for android.

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