How to Get Your France/French Visa in Nigeria Easily

Steps on how to apply and get your France/French visa in Nigeria easily.

Since France is a European state, those who intend travelling to Paris, Monaco in France must apply for a Schengen visa. The steps, various categories of visas which depends on the purpose of your travel is what this article is all about.

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How to apply for France visa in Nigeria

Categories of France Visas

Business Visa

The business visa are for those who wish to travel for commercial/business activities, seminars, conferences, training and business meetings any where in France.

Tourist/ Visitor’s visa

This particular type of visa is used by those travelling for the purpose of visiting a relatives, family friend, tourism, holiday, recreation/leisure, vacations, sightseeing e.t.c. You can’t apply for a visitor’s visa to work in the country.

Transit Visa


If you are changing flight in France, this category of visa is what you should apply for.

Long stay Visa

This visa type are for those who wish to stay longer in the country. In this case, you would be allowed to stay longer than 90 days (3 months). Reasons why people apply for a long stay visa in France are for studying, medical treatment, employment, marriage reasons etc.

To download the long stay visa application form, visit their website or download it here. You would also have to complete a compulsory OFII form available on their website also. In Nigeria, the centre that processes all visa applications to France is the VFS Global Centre located in Lagos.

Rules For Applying For Schengen Visa to Travel to France

  • Application should be done at the French Consulate General in Lagos, if you intend to visit France.
  • For those who will be visiting any other Schengen state before visiting France, you are expected to apply to that country instead.
  • For long term visa applications, your passport validity should be a minimum of 2 years, if you would like to apply.
  • Your passport should also have a minimum validity of 6 months if you’re applying for a short term visa,
  • The time your application should be submitted should be 10 weeks at most and 3 days at least before your scheduled travel date.
  • It is important that all required documents be submitted as any incomplete documentation could either lead to delay or denial of your travel application.
  • Bank statement of account not less than three months should be submitted also.
  • For minors, children and those below 18 years, you must provide a copy of your birth certificate, consent letter signed by your parents, copy of passport of the parent(s) that issued the letter.

Aside from the necessary documents that you will attach, there is also a mandatory questionnaire you must download when applying. Attach three current passport on the date page after completing the forms. You can easily find the specifications for the photo you are expected to use here.

You are also expected to pay your visa fees including the VFS Global Service charge. This should be done personally by the person who wish to travel to France at the VFS Office in Lagos.

Additional Information

Tracking your visa application online has now been made easy. All you need do is provide a unigue VAC reference number and your date number as requested. Normally, you can find the VAC reference number on the receipt given to you after your biometrics information was collected.

The VFS office don’t open on public holidays but from Mondays to Fridays between 10 am and 6pm. The processing time to verify your visa application is usually 15 working days which begins from the day you took your biometrics and submitting your form at VFS.

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