GE Nigeria Salary: See What General Electric Nigeria Pay Workers

GE Nigeria Salary Structure Per Annum

GE means General Electric Co.  The company is among the top highest paying companies in Nigeria that pays the highest salaries.

They employ great talents and experts, like Mechanical Engineers and Software developers.

No wonder, GE Nigeria recruitment process can be difficult as they employ only the best hands.

They are an electrical and electronic equipment company operating out of Fairfield.

general-electric-ge-nigeria-salaryIf you compare what General Electric pay their workers with Nigerian Breweries salary scale or with that of NNPC salary structure, you would be amazed at the difference in the payscale as the median income in the company is $85,000 per annum.

One thing you should know about the company salary is that an employee who has worked for some years, i.e who has working experience is even paid higher before joining the company.


There is a tendency that the employee earns more as the number of years he stays with the company increases.

Apart from the years of experience, other factors that contribute to how much salary GE Nigeria pays its staff are location of the employee, certificate and degrees, skills, and position/role in the company.

Aside from bonuses, below is what GE pays their workers as salaries in a year

  • Mechanical engineer in the company collects between $61,349 and $106,615
  • Software Engineer in the company collects between $65,801 and$110,523
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer collects between $70,266 and $134,165
  • Electrical Engineer is paid between $59,352 and $125,562
  • Manufacturing Engineer collects between $56,394 and $109,006
  • Operations Manager collects between $67,163 and $155,578
  • Design Engineer collects between $61,669 and $96,103

As you would notice from the figures listed above, those are the average amount of what workers in General Electric (GE) are paid per year aside from bonuses and they even pay in dollars.

Starting a career in GE is something that most graduates of engineering should consider.

Applying as entry level staff, would be the first step if they want to further their career in life.

The company also accepts interns for their internship scheme.

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