Fundamental Human Rights In Nigeria: The list

Nigeria Coat-of-armsFundamental human rights in Nigeria are the inalienable rights that are without presumption or cost, a privilege to all human beings under Nigeria.

The fundamental human rights in Nigeria are entrenched in chapter IV section 32 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and they are:

1. Rights to life.

2. Right to dignity of human person.

3. Right to fair hearing.

4. Right to private life.

5. Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


6. Right to freedom of expression and the press.

7. right to peaceful assembly and association.

8. Right to personal liberty.

9. Right to freedom of movement.

10. Right to freedom of discrimination.

The above are the Fundamental Human rights in Nigeria as embedded within the 1999 Nigerian constitution.

The big question is- Are these fundamental human rights in Nigeria enjoyed by Nigerians?


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  1. mamza

    is a nice work though reference are not available to know the sources of the writings especially like the issue of the human rights whether citizens really enjoyed it has to be more elaborate with journal citation if possible. thank you

  2. Muhammad inuwa

    basically is an good deed, in the sense that any citizens have is on freedom according to the embedded by 1999 constitution.

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